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    question, NOT esf

    if you're looking for something 1337, go for something cool like, (4|>741/\/ |>}-/\-{|\| |_||2 455 or like, (4|>741/\/ |)1[|<|=4(3 or maybe, (4|>741/\/ (|2|_|/\/[)-( (yeah i know its already a cereal, but whatever, its still awesome) oh oh oh, or, (4|>741/\/ (_-|_|'/ man just use...
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    SSJ eye color

    If you look closely, you will see that a super saiyan actually has no pupils at all! So dark shadow was actually right, they are white. :D, sorry, yeah yeah i know, stop hitting me :fight:
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    DBZ Movie Piccolo

    tom cruise!? oh god no.... worst goku ever... although i remember last year hearing about that poll on for who people wanted as the actor... main choice was the rock >_<
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    Vegeta models from DMZ and ESF

    he seems to have had a tan too :laff: but yeah, the hair seems to be a bit too much yellow and not enough white
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    Freiza's Telekenisis

    LOL pain, hahaha, clever :laff: heh, hibiki youre right on both points, in general n00b is considered to be all the stupidity of a newbie, but without being a newbie, who might still have some common sense... meh, multiple meanings ;/
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    Esf dying out.....

    hm... think about some of the things you said... its already around 20 years old, if it hasnt died yet, i dont expect it to any time soon :D yeah, good point, the first and third saga are HEAVILY dragonball based. I don't know, what people think of GT is their opinion, doesnt really...
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    Freiza's Telekenisis

    okay, a few things, number 1: freiza is NOT the cheapest charactor in the game, there really is no cheapest person at all, its the person who USES them. if you cant avoid the discs, thats too bad for you, since when he uses it the movement speed drops WAY down, making him an easy melee target...
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    DBZ Movie Piccolo

    Found that at although note "none of this information is confirmed", which still leaves many possibilities open... i think that if they can get actors that DONT SUCK (which are rare lately...) and somehow CONVINCINGLY pull of ki attacks, it might not be quite so bad... but...
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    Best fight in dbz.

    Vegeta wasnt a 'strategical genius' at all, despite being called it multiple times. when it came to fighting, he was just like a common warrior, BUT, the reason they keep calling him 'strategical' or whatever isnt from his fighting skill, its from the psychological skills. out of all the...
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    example? alright, heres and example, when i was playing dmz, there were only a couple other mods i played. TFC, counter strike, and day of defeat. because they allow advertisement, i found science and industry, tour of duty, natural selection, the opera, and even god damn ESF. there was a god...
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    not sure if you noticed, but NOBODY DOES THAT with mods that arnt even RELEASED by the time they ARE, the mod that they have been playing will be old and ****ty and they need something new to play while they wait ****ing hell, screw this, i didnt realize these forums were THIS badly fan-boyed up
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    jesus christ, i should have known i wouldnt get a reply from somebody who isnt an esf addict... dont you ever kinda enjoy it when a mod you never heard of that looks sorta cool pops up? and where was it you heard it? sure as hell wasnt here.
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    people need to get a start somewhere, and usually places with a huge fan-base are a good spot, since they can spare one or two people (who are still going to play whatever they were playing in the first place) its not like EVERYONE is going to jump on over...
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    let us refer to the forum rules.... those, are what you dont do. find me the part that says 'dont advertise' and dont give me any 'unwriten rule' crap theres only one reason i see why you wouldnt want up-and-coming mods to not post their links on your forums: fear of loosing popularity...
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    Capture the Dragon Balls mode is experimental. Play at your own risk.

    esf_cell_day always works fine, hasnt gone wrong once yet for me :D other maps though... its stuck somewhere inside something.... and ive yet to have sensu beans work right :S
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    thoughts on the pics...... post here

    does anyone even understand the difference between models and skins????? the model is amazing, it looks fantastic, end of story. its the SKIN that needs improvement... everything looks fine except the face, its so triangular and pointy, and, like i said, he looks like an old man.... so...
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    thoughts on the pics...... post here

    alright, the model looks great, the map looks great, both of those are extremely sweet looking, what im having problems with it vegetas face, the skin it fairly....bad? he looks really really old.... same as with the trunks skin....
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    Freedom Vegeta's music

    hmm.... thats vegetas music?? i only remember hearing that during the whole vegetto vs buu thing... he has his own doesnt he? its like more evil-sounding?
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    Question bout transforming

    i think it will depend on the person, like say for example goku does what you explained (sort of like your avatar actually) but freiza crouches over for all of his transformations
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    Why do Trunks and Goten NOT have a tail?

    the moon wasnt destroyed multiple times, it was destroyed once. the other time the moon appeared was from the space capsule with the moon-projector type device, which piccolo also destroyed the logic of vegeta removing trunks' tail doesnt work at all, there is no way he would allow that...