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    New sig

    Got sick off paint shop pro 5 so i got Adobe Paint Shop pro 7 still getting use to it but i followed a few tuts so here is what i came up with -
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    Model Problem

    When i host my own LAN server with bots i just installed Cel Shading pack from and now it gives me a error message in the game - Please Remove Colored Models before playing..? what is wrong with it?
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    Sig Hoster here

    Well i decided to post the site i use to host my sigs on the size limit is 10kb so Click Here to visit to upload dont even need to sign up ;)
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    Sever Query and WON Problem

    How come i carnt join any servers of Coutner-Strike it just retrys but fails and even when the server is up whats wrong?
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    2nd Sig

    Well im starting to get use to PSP5 so here is my 2nd gonna try adding pics ect ect later anyways Critz or help are welcome dont mind [Crappy IMG qualty] -War_Star
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    1st Sigy

    Got bored so yeah i tried with Paint Shop Pro 5 very simple just slapped it together
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    Avtar Help

    How come when i place it in my avatar i get a error message then it sends me back to the avtar with nothing anyhelp and im trying to insert this made by me
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    Signature Request

    Hello all im War_Star anyways i was reading a sticky and it said im allowed to post requests so here it goes Backround - Blue and Yellow Lighting Misc - A Neat looking star with War_Star going thru the middle Credits - May put made by [your name] anywhere visible Thank you for you'r time