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    i get this error when i try and start a server

    when i open steam and run dedicated server and try to start a esf server it says host_error:Couldn't get DLL API from .\esf\dlls\hl.dll! plz help anyone i want to know how to make a dedicated server
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    Combo problem

    :shocked: Hello and thanks for reading now i have heard that there are two general special combos in esf these combos if used and one hit lands they create a sequence that damages the other even if he blocks it is performed in the advanced melee stage would anyone be kind enough plz i beg u i...
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    How do u combo even if the other guy dodges the hits?

    o_o :cry: :shocked: You know when u get head on attack ( when two ppl swoop into each other it starts a sequence of buttons and if u win u do a cool combo) when i played only these ppl could do those combos on the the pre-punch sequence (when someone swoops towards someone else and starts...
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    HELP disconnected plz....

    When i try to play online i join a server and it tells me that i have been disconnected for the reason : Invalid STEAM UserID Ticket how do i fix it plz help :shocked: :shocked: :scared: O_o