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    French who wanted to understand.

    Bighas je suis français et comme c'est rare des utilisateur french de ce mod ( à trouver en tout cas ) mon msn : [email protected]
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    PLease i have 2 real Problem

    I have exactly make you Step.. but i never ESF Maps :( is not really important ... my big Probleme is a transparency of Palm trees ... :(
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    PLease i have 2 real Problem

    i try later the Stream ... No solution for Won user ? for a transparency ? For the Shorcut i have always no ESF MAP :( it works if i lunch the MOD in Half Life ( activation mod ) :(
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    PLease i have 2 real Problem

    :notice: Hello, I am French and new on this forum. I meet some concern with fabulous MOD ESF 1.2b My first Problem : O_O O_O The black of the palm trees and another trees is not transparent. Why? Does that make me the same thing on 2 PC Differente...