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    roof of lookout/rosat?

    hi can someone tell me how to do it? i made it with a cylinder,used the clipping tool and made it into 2 tiles.then i lowered the upper one,clipped the upper again and put it a little bit down again so its nearly a half circle but when i make now light on it the pieces are not one above the...
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    Problem with my map

    hi i hope you guys can help me :/ i made a map of kamis lookout and now the problem: when i want to compile with rad and vis he stucks after a while and dont compile it.i tried to run it over night but it didn´t worked so i am depressed :/ and when i compile it without rad and vis its...
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    the map is not finished yet but its nearly finished.i only need to add 2 watches and some other little stuff
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    skinning tutorial

    hi guys,i know i must read the mega thread about tutorials and i already did that.but i only found 1 or 2 tutorials which are difficult and the dbz skinning tutorial is want to ask if someone could give me another very easy skinning tutorial about cloths and dbz style
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    Cell what do u think?