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    Pommy avatar

    pommy: yes it was a joke
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    Best comp?

    256MB PC2100 DDR P4 1700MHz Radeon 9000 Pro Sound Blaster Audigy Gamer 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers 16 inch flat CRT Monitor Mid-Tower Case 80 GB Harddrive 7200 RPM
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    FTP Host Help

    Most ISP offer you some FTP space, like im using COX internet, get 10mb of space at, I know to log in with an FTP client, here is the address FTP:// User: jddahn Password: **************** and I don't know if anyone else will have this problem...
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    Half-Life v1.1.1.1

    when you say leak do you mean that you can play it via steam? or the mod for the engine cs1.6, because steam is the beta and wasnt leaked,?? #EDIT# P.S. I have steam, cs1.6
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    Do you have gamecube?

    What is your reasoning?
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    That new Zelda game.....

    You couldnt have said it better, plus has anyone played the n64 version recently? You cannot compare Windwaker graphics to the n64, windwaker blows it away, Did that ever take the fun out of it? No im playing masterquest and Im enjoying myself playing it over again, I only gagged for about a...
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    That new Zelda game.....

    I totally agree with you, nintendo would have made a mistake not to do the cel shading style and its totaly not a remake of the n64 version, it accully takes place 100 years from the first n64 zelda games, you would know that if you read nintendo power,
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    FORUM BUG, thot i'd report here

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    Nucleo signature thread

    tell me what you think
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    my FIRST(!) sig, be nice

    50 cent is good
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    Proportion HELP!

    when ever i attempt to make a map, i ether make it too small, or too big, how can I fit everything into the right size
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    Do you have gamecube?

    the new zelda, windwaker is going to rock, when xbox and ps2 people see it , that will be the incentive to get gamecube, some people dont like the graphics but when u see it, you will learn to appresicate them. i have already pre-ordered windwaker, and when u pre-order from now until the...
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    Do you have gamecube?

    of course, as you may have guessed, I own a gamecube, and I love it, remember to check out nintedo nexus, i think nintendo will keep making systems, after all, they are one of the big console giants
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    Do you have gamecube?

    i agree #EDIT# nintendo nexus is better than my computer that i use now, i build mine and it works great, im surprised that a console is being built with so much power
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    Do you have gamecube?

    nintendo doesnt have kiddy games, people assume so much, plus none of the same have started using the full potential of its hardware, such as graphics and processing functions since none of you own a gamecube, its hard to beleive that know everything about it, plus i agree, nintendo is video...
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    GTA vice

    Vice city for PC comes out on May 13, i dont have PS2, so im excited
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    Do you have gamecube?

    Do you own a game cube? If yes do you like it? If no do you want it? Explain why!
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    how do i

    i dunno
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    how do i

    how do i stop the music from playing in the game, i remove them all and it still does it,
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    Immortal Saiyans Sig Thread

    like it