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    hi all dont know if im allowed to ask this question i dont see y i carnt. but i just wanted to know wen 1.3 is coming out if any1 knows? plz let me know thanks :)
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    hi guys i finally fixed and i am now playing the game is so cool i carnt get enough of it. it was hard at first but i got it now and im owning muhahaha :laff:
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    i have a big prob here wen i launch esf and click on multiplayer then internet games or chat or anythin in there, it says your earths special forces executable is out of date but wen i click on ok and it looks for updates it says i have the current version. wat is goin on i have v1.2.3 thats...
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    slight problem

    ok i have a little problem here. i have the current version of half life and esf but for sum reason wen i try to go into multiplayer it says i dont have the current version so i click chech for updates and it says i have the latest version. plz tell me wat is going on thx
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    hi all i just bought half life for £4 (good deal) so now i can finally play ESF im d-loadin it now it shouldnt take 30 mins. i carnt wait im sooo exited most ppl say its the best DBZ game ever made. hope to see sum of u on there soon :D 13378oy
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    ok i just downloaded the game and tried to install it but wen it get to the end of the installation it says i must restart my comp to proceed so i did and nothing happened it wont install i tried it a few times and nothing ill try downloading the older version and updating it wat do u think? thanks
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    hi every1 im just downloading this mod and seen as im a big DBZ fan im sure ill enjoy it. But id like to more about the game like is it just fighting or is adventure, rpg or wat cuz i carnt find any info about it like that. thanks alot 13378oy :)