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    need some help

    Its not a big secret encore. You could also implement your own weapon id system by intercepting all the weapon commands and assign each one a unique id.. That way you know what weapon has what id instead of having to go through all of esf's...
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    Message is Explosion( 92 ) Paramters are. 3 coords: origin 1 long: radius 1 byte: explosion type. MESSAGE_BEGIN( MSG_BROADCAST, 92 ); WRITE_COORD( pev->origin.x ); WRITE_COORD( pev->origin.y ); WRITE_COORD( pev->origin.z ); WRITE_LONG( 256 ); WRITE_BYTE( 1 ); MESSAGE_END( );
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    I can't test framerates good either. Got a pci-express x850 xt. Never drops from 99fps ( unless I've got developer mode on :D then framerates are insane ). So I gotta push all the framerate testing onto our testers :D Anyway hope to see more keep the progress rolling.
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    Additive rendering is very costly. So framerates are an issue and almost every effect is additively rendered. In all the mods. EVM, BTL, and EvoSsj4. And you will be suprised how many people still have systems that are very old.
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    Well currently I'm not worried about our ssj4 trans.. In fact its just a placeholder right now.. I'm more concerned about the preceding ones. And can we all stop bashing each others mods.. There is nothing wrong with competition. You won't see much of BTL until we release a video. Until then...
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    set_task help

    Well I havn't done anything with amxx in a while but last I checked there was no Client_Death forward. You have to hook the DeathMsg event using register_event.
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    set_task help

    why do it that way. you can simplify it by doing. set_task(0.5,"MyFunction",id,"","b")
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    A Simple Question ... ??

    The more technical term for it is. Sprites are rendered additively. So the color of each pixel in the sprite is added to the color of whats behind it. Black being 0,0,0 adds nothing so is completely transparent.
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    ESF + VAC2 = ...huh?

    Well at the moment its working fine for esf servers. Just gotta update them with the tool if you have a stand alone dedicated server. Then you can vac protect it.. Don't believe me.. Try it...... Edit: This is my esf server.
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    ESF + VAC2 = ...huh?

    To get your half-life dedicated server to have vac2 you must run the hldsupdate tool. And yes VAC2 supports 3rd party mods I enabled it on my esf server and its vac secured.
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    I need some info

    Well I do believe if done in a fair way like EVM did their mod. It shouldn't be a problem as it makes all gameplay fair. But just using it for personal gain I don't think is right. Just my 2 cents. Oh and I havn't released that module just so you know.
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    Walking through beam trails

    Well for this to work they would have to record the path the beam and then with some hefty math see if a player is within that area. I don't think they are up to that task. Because all the trail is, is a TE_BEAMFOLLOW message sent to the client.
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    No it is not part of the model.. it is a glow shell which is a copy of the model scaled up and retextured with an additive texture. Generated dynamically by the engine. And the reason the glow is duplicated to the afterimage is because the owner of the after image is the player.
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    I need some info

    I would post my module for amxx that lets you change almost any aspect of the players in esf. ( including models, ( not default way ) ), ki, speed, pl, ect... But esf team would kill me and so would evm.