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    Retrieving hidden password, program?

    Have you tried PantsOff!?
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    Spontaneous and forced Super Saiyan Transformations

    That would make it still possible to train up in normal form and get super strong after getting ssj2. Wouldn't it be better to give ssj, ssj2 etc an initial PL? Like Goku starts with 700 pl in normal form and gets more speed, hp with raising PL. Once you manage to get ssj (however this will...
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    You say it!!!

    The Bots are really bad!:no: They don' t even use melee if you stand straight ahead them!!!:no: Or they see you immediatly and if they dont' t you need to fly or run in front of them!:no: But it is to say that they are nearly perfect for newbies:yes: But NOBODY :warning: should make...