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  1. Trunks Shadow

    The Tien to animate

    Ok my old thread got dead.. I could not find it LOL Im going to pass off the tien to anyone that will animate it. Get in contact to me on aim.. shadow viper 55 This model has been sitting for a long time I almost gave up on it.. but if people want it then it will be so!:devgrin...
  2. Trunks Shadow

    Tien Model...eventually for ESF

    Tien Model...for ESF Well I started a new model.. Tien.. cuz i see so many people that want Tien and a few other models.. so im going to make them. I would like to get on the ESF team.. so my question to you forum goers.. is it good enough for that...
  3. Trunks Shadow

    1 New bug power level of 0 and ?

    Well the other night i was running around with Friza and was holding the distructo disc for a long time. but all of a sudden my power level began to drop. I stopped doing everything flying turned off dc.. and what do you know it dropped till i was at 0 power level.. now that is a bug.. this...
  4. Trunks Shadow


    Ok I was just sittin in a server by myself and was thinking.. When i played BFP i was able to fly inverted.. i tryed it out in ESF.. dosen't do it.. why is this so? is it because of the HL engine or something else that can be fixed or added later.. Not like it matters im fine with the game...
  5. Trunks Shadow

    Hay all Im new

    I hate bein a noob :\. Well im new to Esf But even though this mod is for HL It looks damin good. I also post on the Gundam Universe forums but hell im allways looking for new stopming grounds. Just though I would introduce myself.. I do make sigs its fun LOL and i think im good at it:p