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    Heey guys:) I am kind of new here so I dont really know how it works with all the christmas teaser stuff, but is it still coming? is it always coming after christmas? Cause I am scared it wont come anymore:P cheers:D
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    Question about video music!

    Heey there!, I love the way you guys put streets of rage music in your videos! streets of rage has absolutely the greatest composer ever for such an old game ! But I was wondering something. in this christmas FX video...
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    Yet another transformation suggestion

    Heey again! I read some suggestions in this forum and there were alot of suggestions about 3D effect while transforming and a lot of eye candy, and I got the impression that we will see that in 1.3. I was wondering while there be any knockback effects when transforming?? like goku becomes SS3...
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    Speed suggestion

    Heey everyone, First of all I want to congratulate the creators of this mod, I play alot of mods and this one ( of all games ) sure is the most improving and fabulous mod I have ever seen with on the second spot Pirates vikings and knights 2 for half life 2;) I have a question and a...