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  1. Sorrow

    What song are you listening to right.... NOW!

    Korn - Alone I break
  2. Sorrow

    CS:Source VS. CS!

    Um dude -__-. That's like rating doom 3 and mario 2d . The engines they are on are just too different .
  3. Sorrow

    Star Wars Battlefront

    Battlefront, Nothing else to say . I hate sims 2 .
  4. Sorrow

    NTP Mod

    Why would you do that ? It was never going anywhere from the first place . Making a modification is not just pumping out models , skins and maps . It actually includes more work then you think . I don't think there is ANY naruto mod out there that will get anywhere, Except for ND (Pherhaps...
  5. Sorrow

    Naruto 101. "Spoilers." (

    Umm, You do know that each episode consist at least 3 manga releases , which means, if they continue as they were , they will catch up to the manga within notime . Therfore there are and will be MANY fillers to look forward to . Also , this topic was made for spoilers of the current episode, You...
  6. Sorrow

    Rate the quote in the sig above

    Umm, sounds like a song quote or something . I don't like it , too unreal .
  7. Sorrow

    Where you live...Seriously.

    Rana , Norway , Europe .
  8. Sorrow

    Naruto 101. "Spoilers." (

    How about they are catching up too fast for the manga ? And also that there is a movie finished recently .
  9. Sorrow

    Naruto 101. "Spoilers." (

    Like the next episode is also a rotten filler :x .
  10. Sorrow


    Ya, It's way too dark . You should put some life into it . 1/10 .
  11. Sorrow


    Hmm, that's rather impressive, Keep it up. You the skinner as well ?
  12. Sorrow

    hi, i was bored and made you guys this

  13. Sorrow

    SSJ - GOKU

    Omg, Look who's back ? Holy ****, Nuttzy , brings back memories ? :D . Sweet, Godhand here, Welcome back Asian ^^ , stick around this time . As for the model , I like it, you should get it uvw mapped and start on the skin :) .
  14. Sorrow

    SSJ - GOKU

    Hah ? You run one too Toast ? How rich are you ? I've got a few accounts :P .
  15. Sorrow

    Gotenks WIP

    ehh ? Only me and Sv have that gogeta model , is that suppoused to offend me ? :x . That if someone else haves it one of us two leaked it ? well it defenatly wasen't me, :x . ANyways, good work on the gotenks so far .
  16. Sorrow

    how did you find ESF?

    Around three years ago, My ass ended up being on moddb looking for anime modifications, so I found this . tada .
  17. Sorrow

    Mecha Request!

    Yeah totally man, He should be hanged .
  18. Sorrow

    Venom WIP

    Hmm as from my side , I've been into doing skinning for quite some time, I also learned polyflow as well as some modelling. Let's see , If that picture is correct , then there is no doubt it's a rip , and also from previous experiences with Erics models, I can't really say it's not...
  19. Sorrow

    Hmm? ( *** damn it, go on topic sheesh)

    Uhm , I do not work with grayscale raven , you should know that by looking at my work: I just said its best if using dodge/burn . Its only my opinion tho, each to his own .
  20. Sorrow

    Venom WIP

    Hmm that's looking good . Keep it up, I'll post my crits once you have it nearly finished or finished .