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  1. Mewtwo

    My first real attempt at anime

    This pic is my first attempt at dawing my own anime character. I used the tuts at to help. I can already see a few problems that need fixing, what do you all think?
  2. Mewtwo

    Squall Siggy

    I made this one in about an hour. <embed src="" quality="high" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" WIDTH="400" HEIGHT="75" NAME="banner" ALIGN> what do you all think? is it better than my present one?
  3. Mewtwo


    I made this one for my own desktop, I don't really want to take credit for it though because the bg is a cropped stock photo with a colour overlay and I just put a bunch of pics on it.
  4. Mewtwo

    I going away for a while

    well not really, I just wanted to announce that Im going back to school tommorow so from now on I will only be posting on weekends because I am not alloud to use the internet on weekdays, so expect my post count to drop to 2 a day, I just wanted to say this so that people would'nt wonder where I...
  5. Mewtwo

    4th sig in 6 weeks

    Man I have to stop changing my sigs so often, it's just that my friend (known on the forums as meggedo) told me my old one was bad. so here's my latest sig. What do you all think?
  6. Mewtwo

    My first Wp

    Well I was looking for a wallpaper of kai from beyblade and I couldn't find even 1, so I decided to make my own. It is my first attempt at a wallpaper ever and I know it's a bit basic but be as harsh as you want, I never mind a bit of constructive criticism. ;)
  7. Mewtwo

    Happy Birthday Jaredster

    Happy Birthday Jaredster!! :yes: :yes: :yes: I just nocticed it was almost your birthday, I know I'm a few hours early and I don't really know you. But I just posting this thread so you don't have to go through the painful prosess of posting it yourself thinking that everyone forgot. :talk...
  8. Mewtwo

    Flash Footer

    I tried to post a flash banner I made as my footer and it dosn't seem to work. I used the same code as I used at other vBullitin forums but it dosn't work with esf forums, I know it's possible because I have seen flash footers here before. does anyone know how to either directly post a swf on...
  9. Mewtwo

    My new sigs

    I downloaded photoshop demo today and looked at a few tutorials and went kinda nuts. Well this is what I came up with which do you think is the best? Personally I think I over done them all. Please keep in mind I have only been using Photoshop a short while (2 hours about ;))...
  10. Mewtwo

    My Flash Movie

    I have been working on a flash movie about my friends (just for fun), for those of you who don’t know these people (all of you) this flash movie will make little sense, to give you a clue of what’s going on the character Setha is one of my good friends, I chose to depict him as the evil...
  11. Mewtwo

    New Sig

    I made a new sig in paint shop pro, Nice? or No Nice? What changes should I make?
  12. Mewtwo

    Post count freeze?

    I poster 3 or 4 times and my post count is still 88, This thread is to confirm and if confirmed to seek help from a mod. edit *ok It's been confirmed It still 88* someone help me.
  13. Mewtwo

    Milkshape, shiney faces

    how do I make faces shiney eg, the SAS models mask (for thoes who have played CS)
  14. Mewtwo

    about custom avatars and requirements

    I really don't see the point of having post requirements for a custom avatar, it is seen by some to be a way to reward big posters but usurally just leads to pointless spam. Just a sugestion, It's not like I have any trouble getting there or anything.
  15. Mewtwo

    Aura colours

    when I first use my models in the game I find that they look crummy because aura colour dosn't go with the model. Is there anyway I can change the aura colour?
  16. Mewtwo

    ok, newbie question

    Do esf games ever end? or are the just an endless blood bath?
  17. Mewtwo

    question about the esf mp3's

    esf2.mp3 esf8.mp3 esf9.mp3 are so bloody cool I want to burn them to cd's to share with my friends, I'm just asking before I do If that's ileagle or anything like that? I don't wana get into any trouble.