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    Thank god, if that movie ever came to be, it would suck more that than a *** on valentine's day.
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    The Faulty

    The three "the faulty" songs on ESF are satellite; take everything back; and rainy days in the big city. They have two other songs called three weeks and paint the town red. Three weeks is similiar to take everything back, and paint the town red is similiar to rainy days in the big city(just...
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    I don't really know where this should go, so i'm putting in in Misc. I am recieving messages to my email adress everytime someone posts on this forum in a thread I have posted in. I don't want this. I don't know why I started getting them, but how do I make them stop?
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    Haha, Ravendust that was an awesome post. I agree, he should not be added to ESF. His "job"(If you can call it that) in DBZ was jump on the enemy's back in a valiant(but futile) self-destruct attack, but I guess you could say he distracted them a bit, so it wasn't in vain... He was a little...
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    Bodychange thread 2346 + Poll

    You don't want them to swap speeds? Explain.
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    Ginyu's body switch

    Yes, it will have new animations. If I'm Ginyu and I switch with Goku, I now have Goku's body but Ginyu's attacks. So that means that Goku will have to have the animations for body swap, and any other special attacks Ginyu has. This also means that Ginyu's model will have to have the...
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    Add Goten!!!

    Make a Goten model or pay someone to make one for you. Then switch it with Goku's model. That's the closest your gonna get to Goten.
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    how did you find ESF?

    I had Dragonmod Z, and it sucked. I did a search for DBZ mods, about four pages in i found this website. (1.1 days) I loved it.
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    How drunk can you get?!

    My friend told about this is school a few days ago. I didn't really believe him but I do know. That sucks. If I found my friend headless in my car I wouldn't be able to go on with my life.
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    Trunks Transformations

    Niobe, for me, ascended and ultra mean the same thing. I may be wrong, but assj and ussj are the same thing, which is a slightly stronger and faster form of ssj. Assj2 and ussj2 is when they bulk up and get very strong, but slow down.
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    Trunks Transformations

    USSJ is a stronger and slightly faster form of SSJ. It's kinda like Being SSJ, and then putting turbo on(esf terms). USSJ2 is the form trunks used against perfect cell, after powering up for a long time. He bulked up a ton, and his physical strength surpassed cell's, at the cost of his speed...
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    Hmm, did the song open with a slow guitar solo and had a soft, melodic sound?
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    Best Band

    HIM nuff said
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    Going into High School, nerves as ****.

    Bleh, I hate people who do this. When I was a freshman, every girl in my grade was with a sophmore. This left the freshman with only one choice, hook up with the 8th graders. And you know what, they all did it. Now that i'm a sophmore, I refuse to touch any freshman chicks. It doesn't...
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    Going into High School, nerves as ****.

    I have some great advice for you. Breathe. If you get nervous, breathe. I know it may sound stupid but it will calm you down in a hurry If you are trying to make friends, learn when to talk and when to keep your mouth shut. Nobody likes it when they are having a conversation and someone...
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    Average PL and Potential PL

    Im guessing pontention PL is your current PL times 1.5 or 2.0 depending on what type of transformation your character has(only applicable if your CF bar is full) times 1.33. Correct me if I am wrong.
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    Ginyu's body switch

    Whoops, thanks for bringing that up. I forgot to mention that body swap would also switch current and maximum health values.
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    Ginyu's body switch

    Remember, since you do not gain the special attacks of the character you swap with, and ginyu doesn't have any high powered beams of his own, all the(and I use this term reluctantly)"beamspammers" will have absolutely no incentive to use Ginyu to become the strongest. If he is a melee...
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    Your Dream Car

    Uhh, Bugatti Veyron, anyone? Seriously, why would you want anything else?
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    Power Struggle Mechanism Suggestion

    Bleh. Adding more DDR style arrows will NOT improve this game.