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    Just a few Answers to a Few questions

    Q can i Become SSJ2-3-4 etc? A not in this version, only in next versions, not 1.1, and SSJ4 probably never Q when does 1.1 comes Out? A When its done, when don' t need more people asking that. Q Whill you add <insert Char here>? A If it is a Movie or GT char, no if it is a DBZ series char...
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    who hates bfp?

    i want to now who hates bfp like me, stupid thing keeps crashing, and there are almost no power struggles!
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    best Rts for multi player

    what of these rts games is best for multi player? reply to this, please...
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    Digimon mod....

    like, i was thinking..., could someone help me making a digimon mod for hl... i am begginig to learn how to use world craft and a little of attack scripinting and stuff... so there is a mod of everything , like megaman, dbz, pokemon, godzilla, counter terrorism, wwii... but no digimon mods...
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    Software renderer bug

    Maybe it is something with my computer, but if i play with software rendering vegeta, goku and cell's hands appear throug their heads, like if their heads were transparent.............O_O :cry: