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    Not the usual "When is it going to be done?" thread XD

    Are you guys still looking for programmers/modelers? What else is there to complete, and what do you need to complete it? I'm not going to ask the "When is it done" thing.. I know the answer to that :-P But I would like to know what's necessary, and if we can get a solid answer on...
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    Legal Funding?

    I realize that asking money for a mod based on a copyrighted and trademarked theme is illegal. I realize that making a kickstarter to help support this mod would similarly be illegal. Is there no way to make a paypal button so that we could donate money "because reasons" without it being...
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    Project progress report

    I know that the game will be done "when it's done". I'm perfectly fine with that, as should anyone else be that's been following you wonderful modders (although I feel that that's a loose term. You've BUILT a whole entire game from the ground up, it feels.) I was merely wondering if you...