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    I don't really know where this should go, so i'm putting in in Misc. I am recieving messages to my email adress everytime someone posts on this forum in a thread I have posted in. I don't want this. I don't know why I started getting them, but how do I make them stop?
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    Ginyu's body switch

    I do not know if the team has decided on how Ginyu's body swap will work, but here is my idea, I believe this will work well. Ginyu should have all the basics(melee, kiblast, gen ball/beam) and his signature attack, body swap. I think body swap should work like this: it has the properties...
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    Dunno if this should go in here or newb central, but this is about ESF and will prolly get a better chance of response. Im not spawning. Ever. It is like auto spawn isn't on, but clicking doesn't make you spawn either. The only was I can spawn again is to choose another character. I...
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    Is it just me, or is everyone playing esf really damn proud. Everytime someone asks the server how to do something, I politely say, "check the manual", or "its very hard to explain, read the manual" they respond with "**** you" and " stfu ***"and it is like I am insulting them. Why do they...
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    hard mode

    There is a hard mode on ESF. Go into options and disable the diamonds above everyone's head. The game is much more diffucult without them. It's diffucult to keep track of players and after image is confusing as hell(you can't tell if they have teleported unless you keep a constant eye on your...
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    Is it just me...

    or are the diamonds above people's heads gone? I am having an extremely hard time finding players, yet alone keeping track of them while i'm swooping. I see a red dot on my scouter and it takes me about 10 seconds to find them, unless they power up, swoop, or do something that calls attention...
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    Im not whining about this because someone kicked my ass, but i have noticed something happening that hasn't ever occured before. I decided to ask the server I was in when {ape}gohan(is that spelled right?) did it to me. I know he is very good, but I like to think myself good, and it had...
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    new idea for throws

    i got an idea while reading a post on the new melee system. when a player is prepunching and then right-clicks to throw, instead of instantly throwing, the attacking player puts the other in a kind of submission hold, while he (possibly) does damage to whomever he is holding. then a power...
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    i know its been suggested before but i just want to put my ideas for the levels of transformations out in the open, i know they wont be implemented for awhile if not ever but here goes Buu: fat buu-evil buu-super buu-kid buu Goku: normal-ssj-ssj2-ssj3 Gohan: normal-ssj-ssj2-mystic Frieza...
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    pumping ps quesiton

    when your in a power struggle and the beams are not going head on and the winner is always changing producing a zig-zag beam trail, when you pump will the ball moving up the trail zig zag along the trail?