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  1. Mr. Phonso

    OG member checking in

    Hey! It has been a very very long time since I last visited here or even played ESF! Are there any other members lurking around here since the early 2000s? Anyways just came here to ask when will the newest ESF be released? Haha just kidding don't ban me.
  2. Mr. Phonso

    Mr. Phonso (Yeah, thats right)

    Took David's advice and made my own thread to post my progress in ^^ mmm I love photo sourcing, nice and accurate results :) 1 30 am and I got school tomarrow, I'm out.
  3. Mr. Phonso

    BMW E30

    Another car model being worked on by yours truly :) I hope to finish the exterior and maybe the interior before I start to loose interest lol.
  4. Mr. Phonso

    Severe video problems in Steam

    This is something that has been bothering me for a while now because I cannot play games properly. When I am ingame the screen goes haywire and distorts to the point where everything is not reconizable. The only way to fix this is to restart but I am looking for a permanent solution. Hell it...
  5. Mr. Phonso

    MSN prob Ok so here is my problem, when my msn is open it shows through other programs. Now I can simply close msn but I want to figure out what this is :s
  6. Mr. Phonso

    Song titles?

    Hi, i have to make a 30 second animation video for one of my classes and i am planning to make a car chase scene so any help would be appreciated. thx
  7. Mr. Phonso

    First colouring

    yeah as the title says, this is the first time that i do a colour from a black and white image so any tips would be great.
  8. Mr. Phonso

    Uber low polyness - Mario

    Itsa me, Mario! lets see how this goes
  9. Mr. Phonso

    Jack, Jack, Samurai Jack!

    something different: i love that show..
  10. Mr. Phonso

    The sexy Testarossa!

    something i started last week, a ferrari... ftw
  11. Mr. Phonso

    Porsche Custom

    Started this about 1 week ago because of the new release of NFS MW, inspired me to make one of my own customs, and this is what i came up with so far. =) (yes im going to be doing a basic interior, not intened to put in any games atm)
  12. Mr. Phonso

    NISSAN Skyline v.spec II GTR

    started it about 2 days ago its currently matching a blueprint image + i have 2 models of the same car infront of me
  13. Mr. Phonso

    Mr. Anderson! Surprised to see me?

    after watching matrix and matrix reloaded on the weekend on TBS i got inspired, plus he's pwnage
  14. Mr. Phonso

    zomg imaginary!

    making this up from imagination and this is what ive got :P
  15. Mr. Phonso

    Family guy movie

    You know what really grindes my gears? ...not being a topic about this already! hehe anyway what ya all think of it? i just watched it yesterday like twice.. pwns
  16. Mr. Phonso


    after watching the original gone in 60 seconds yesterday i was wondering, should i make the mustang used in the original movie, or should i make the one used in the remake? here is the one used in the original (the yellow ones) and here is the one used in the remake and here are some...
  17. Mr. Phonso

    funny! it may be true, just take your time and read through it and then take a look at the advice for parents, its REALLY funny. discuss here.
  18. Mr. Phonso

    vegeta fixes + skin

    well what do you think? special thanks to d2 for giving me tips on the skinmapping process
  19. Mr. Phonso

    Gohan-ascended saiyan, 2nd attempt

    hey all, some of you may remember my old gohan from way back, well second attempt here so i hope this one is better! (perspective) skinmap and skin courtasy of d2, although i totally reskinned the hair and belt, plus did a few adjustments here and there, so big thanks to him ^_^
  20. Mr. Phonso


    been working on this for about 4-5 hours, still a wip =P