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    Found a funny picture

    I was just watching dbz again and I saw this
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    My IQ...

    I tried this test and got this: Hello raido uudel Your age adjusted IQ score is 188 and the average score is 100. Your IQ score is the result of a formula based on the number of questions answered correctly on the test. This score has been further adjusted to account for the...
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    Some new moves

    I started to watch the series again a while ago and I noticed that Krillin and Piccolo had that multiform technique.Maybe this is not possible to make in the game, but I just suggested.But there`s one more thing.Vegeta used Kienzan in episode 26 to cut gohans tail.Maybe you could add that...
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    ESF 1.3 system requirements

    I have a very, very bad PC and I read that there will be better graphics and all.So I wanna know if 1.3 has the same system requirements as 1.2. I even can`t play 1.2 very well.The maps are all black, except for the backround, I can`t see some models like in melee and auras.I only see power-up...
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    FF VIII on PC

    Someone please give me information where to get it on PC.I have tried everything i can so i hope that you know better and can help me.
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    Problem with joining

    Well it looks like problems happen when i dont want to buy a number for steam.So i downloaded steam and thought that maybe I could join games without registering Half Life.So i looked at the IP addresses of games and started ESF I went to internet games and added a server with that IP address...
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    Big problem with maps

    Well, I have a problem with maps wich is that they are completely black.I have to blast the ground to see them and even then the colors are wrong. I tried half-life without esf and i saw the maps there.Then i tried half life maps with esf and they were black.What could be the problem?
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    Where could i get a modelling program

    Maybe someone can give me a link to the best modelling program?If there are any free ones...
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    I cant seem to open my console

    What is the problem with that?
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    Need help with installing EVM

    I downloaded it, activated the installation and when it was done and I closed the window it said "An additional model pack is required or your models will look like crap" How could i fix it?