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    Oil pastel painting

    hey guys, haven't posted any new pictures in a while. you guys may remember me from my "Man of Steel" charcoal picture. here's my first progress and i will post a update later today or tomorrow
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    Jessica Alba

    hey guys, i haven't post any art in a while. here's my latest one. another charcoal. it's jessica alba from Sin City. here's my reference: and here it is. i'll show more progress tomorrow. sleepy time
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    1.2 models to 1.3

    sorry for the lame topic, but i was wondering ... when 1.3 is released in its final stage, all of the custom models of 1.2 will be useless, unless reanimate it onto 1.3? like for example, some one might want to use kreshi's 1.2 son goku pack. it has from normal - ss3, it would make a nice...
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    The Man of Steel

    Sorry for the lame title, but this is my latest artwork that i've been working on. It's charcoal and it's my first time using this media. Just showing you guys what i've been working on and i'm really proud of it. I will keep posting updates. Tell me what you guys think.