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    CS Vegeta, Paikuhan, PT Gohan and Tien....

    just a few newish models alot of them are old just i revamped them and finished them off, gohan is new tho gohan is for SOS, the rest are for EF Pre-Teen Gohan
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    Fishy, Demony, Goaty, Biologicaly...agh Wierd New Model by me!

    1380 polys i aint got a clue what it is. just made it up as i went along
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    Wolverine WIP

    Hey guys, i thought id do something different than DBZ so i thought id joina marvel mod! even tho i never watch it, they characters seem interesting, anywaym heres the model, its wolverine from xmen, 1412 polys still needs a head and feel, which ill get done asap. (i just saw a...
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    Capsule Corp Trunks Model!

    Hey guys, Jboskma will be skinning him :) Trunks: 2076 Polys Sword Belt: 222 Polys Sword: 208 Polys Sword Case: 14 Polys the sword and belt are optional another coloured render: personally, i suck at posing model, but i thougth id give it a try, so heres my pose up of...
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    LP Cell Saga Goku Model For SoS

    hey guys, aint really been showing much lately, its the usual things which tie a man up, school, girls and cars :x, i got some spare time and have been doing this for a week now, just putting him together slowly. I did the model, he was a lil chubby so charger took over and did the finishing...
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    Latest Models

    thougth id post my latest stuff around here, been forgeting all the time anyway, heres nappa, i forgot the legs armor, 1800 polys and theeen heres janemba! around 700 polys atm, i model my models at around 1500-1800 polys now, nearly all good engines support it, apart...
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    Janemba for
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    New Model....Inspired by azn_d...

    i saw anz dragons models today and was amazed so i thought id try my hand at a different battle damaged guy with a say 4000 polys here he is at 1000 polys atm, hardly anything dont to him at the momenth, very very wip (theres no lighting in this scene, ill make a new render with..)
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    Smoothing Groups....

    I got bored today so i messed about in max and realised i never used smoothing groups properly, after learning a lil more about them, heres a lil model i made with smoothing groups
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    Low Poly Majin Vegeta....(model)

    K recently when i been critting models around half life forums, ive being getting this sad excuse that they dont have enough polys to add detail e.t.c blah blah so i thought id practise my low poly modeling again to see if its actaully hard or if they were just noobs. and heres the result...
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    Trunks Heads

    Imma prob model all the trunks heads heres what i got so far!
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    New Models!...

    K i havent been showing work lately as ive been changing the style of my models alot lately, i ended up creating a new Base model with T positioned arms, so far they havent given me any problems :) Goku - 1671 Polys Goku - 1700 Polys Krillin - 1581 Vegeta - 1502 Tien -...
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    New Model For Elemental-Fusion...

    i forgot polycount, ill get it in a sec freeza saga goku if u didnt guess lol i have alot more to show if ur interested
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    2 New Models (Piccolo/Goku)

    heres my new piccolo and goku models, i know they are aroudn the 2000 poly range but that wont actually be a problem inf anyone is curious, piccolo does have sholders beneath the cleak thing, so it should deform as if he didnt have the cloack on
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    Some DBZ Models ive been doing...(A few)

    K....heres a few models ive been doing about 1600 polys each without heads or hands.... non dbz dude i did: i also did this 16 model which is around 1200 polys which im not very happy about but ill post it anyway: aint been here a while, just thought id say hi...
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    What Ive been working on Lately (new model)

    2000 polys, dunno WTF it is, just make up summin by looking at random demon concept arts....ermmmm, if its too dark, ill post more pics, i just liekd the scary look (1st pic is light, not coloured proper)
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    New Model (again) Ninja Type Guy, will b 3000 polys....

    Hey, i bveen working on a new model for a contest on the DBQ forums, here it is, its a ninja type guy, i cant show the concept art yet, but its 1500 polys atm, my target is 3000, here it is...
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    Im Back, New Model....

    Hey, im back from my holiday, parents bought 25acres of land in turkey so my holiday turned into a business thing where they were sorting everthing out :\ anyway since ppl are doing 3000 poly models, i decided ill do em too heres my tien, still wip, dont say anything about the hands...
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    New Character

    Hey, Aaint done a character model for a while...anyway Ive been surfing a few art forums and just checking out some origional pics, and really liked this one by SSJ-Dan, seeing as i aint gonna release them i think its fine for me to try modelign them? anyway, here it is, i cant seem to check the...
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    Calsonic Skyline

    Ive been modeling for gta3 lately cuz i wanted to be abel to do more than humans so i leant to model cars.......heres my 3rd car, my nismo, heres a older picture but its coloured: and heres the latest one but without the colourng: critz plz :P