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  1. Graive

    Ut04 help

    Hey guys i was wondaring if anyone has the program that comes with Ut04 called "Upaint" id get it off the extras file on the cds my self but i lost my cds ages ago and the latest ut patch seems to crack the game so i havnt needed them... if anyone cauld link me to it or post it that would be great
  2. Graive


    now i realize you guys arnt keen on putting esf on source but... look at half life source its the same as original but better.. you could even spend just a month or two putting the old one on source. Same graphics overall, but better lighting, physics, awsome redone melee and stuff like that...
  3. Graive

    Graives naruto amv!!!

    sup guys and girls i made a naruto AMV using evanesence song Away from me Its more of a drama/some action i made sure to avoid any subtitles so yeh its to hrd to find naruto eps with no subtitles. NOTE: its still a WIP and isnt finished.. its just over half done just to let you all know...
  4. Graive

    milkshape background picture

    hey guys im having trouble with my refs im using to model and i notice this is one thing tutroials never talk about how do i align all my ref in each window so the verticies are in the correct spot on all windows and not just one...
  5. Graive

    need some advice/help

    Hey guys im not entirely sure where this post goes but oh well i started mapping for cs source and/or hl2 its still really hard but im trying to recreate metal gear solid maps lol ok so i want to recreate this... and i had ago at redoing the wallpanels look below.. if anyone...
  6. Graive

    valve hammer

    Hey guys i was wondaring cos im about to start mapping, does it matter with valve hammer you use? or if ya gunna make esf maps do ya need the old one?
  7. Graive

    MGS Siggy

    I made this the otherday its from the game "Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes" (The remake of the original MGS for PSone) for those who dont know
  8. Graive

    dark sig

    I made this after whatching some trigun and gothika lol its simple and still WIP
  9. Graive

    Photoshop fun!

    Hey guys im bored so i drew on photoshop some DBZ stuff hes one of my pics so far let me know what yas think :yes:
  10. Graive

    help finding some esf servers

    hey guys i finaly have esf running online, Only problem is most servers i try joining are using EVM not that i have a problem with that i just need some esf only servers to test this out properly and not have to download evm joining them... O_o
  11. Graive

    Movie soundtracks

    Hey guys I was wondaring if anyones seen or know about the movie "The Core" i wanted to know whats the name of that song in the end credits. its like about red red skys or somthing i dunno but yeh.
  12. Graive

    Apologies About Sigs

    For those who have Pmed me about making signitures. Im not doing requests anymore as i had to format my computer (wipe the Hard Drive) and now im taking a break from sigs. I apologise to those that wanted sigs from me maybe someday ill do it again but for now thats it Thanks all. :(
  13. Graive

    MCCDBZ5 get your sig here

    Yeh he Pmed me and wanted a sig so i made it for him hope yas like its nothing really detailed as i didnt have a whole lot of time but it looks pretty good :yes:
  14. Graive

    looking for a surtain character pic

    Hey guys i was wondarin if anybody has seen a decent picture of the guy from bardock father of goku Toma im looking for he was the tall haired guy that wore the blue armour anybody has pics of him post them please :) Hes cool
  15. Graive

    lol...broku picture

    Hi guys i was feeling a bit bored lastnight so i started working on this picture i think its finished but what do you guys think crits welcome :smile: EDIT: i realize theres a few things i cauld fix but i quickly put this on the net so any crits about shading or what ever advice to would be...
  16. Graive

    photoshop siggy skillz!

    Hey guys i made this sig in photoshop its the first thing i have done its not complete but tell me what i can improve and stuff :cool:
  17. Graive


    Hey guys i was wondaring if anyone has heard the news about the 2 new dbz movies beeingg released in english "Broly the second comming" and "bio broly" i know they are being realeaed REALY soon but i wasnt sure if they are out yet or not btw tell us whats your fave dbz movie mine is...
  18. Graive

    EVM problem

    Hey! Ive been playing ESF for awhile now with cool models and what not but i got EVM and started playing that but now it does some odd things On some maps that use to work great it runs jerky as all hell. Also when i die it runs jerky untill i respawn then if i transform into SSJ its...
  19. Graive

    Skinner needed!

    hey guys i was wondarin if anyone wants to skin a model i have if anyones interested PM me and ill get back to yas :yes:
  20. Graive

    milkshape 3d help

    Hey i have a problem with a model in milkshape. If any modelers around are good with modeling in milkshape i need help making a model pm me if you are interested :]