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  1. StriKe!


    asian, when gohan was at the mystical place (kaio's world) he had the sword, but it got broken. maybe you could just remove the sword, cause it will look weird ingame when he holds the sword and shoots something. and if you keep the sword it will make some animations messed up. so i suggest you...
  2. StriKe!

    Perfect Cell

    Good, cause the aura looked good, but you should know this goes in the request thread
  3. StriKe!

    Chibi Goku pack

    hey, i havent really been on much lately, been playin a game called diablo2:p but err, i cant make a sound pack, if any1 that can will try we can work it out.. Cya
  4. StriKe!

    Elemental Fusion Animations - Veggeto

    I'm stunned by the Idle animation. Omg that looks soo good. Nice job!
  5. StriKe!

    Beta 1.1 Bojacks Trunks

    LoL, why isnt the body attached to.. err.. well the other part of the body? and why does it have 2 skins?
  6. StriKe!

    Sonic... Released!

    well, i like the model overall, but it misses something... i know: his socks:D [J], i think you should make some socks on him, dunno if you noticed and said you were/werent but i thought i'd just say it..
  7. StriKe!

    Piccolo Buu!!! ^________^

    looks good, but i dont really like the cape thing on the front of body (dunno how to call it). the parts arent all attached i think
  8. StriKe!

    Bojack Gohan

    i think im just sayin things now ppl already said.. but anywayz:P upper body too small, legs too long, head too small, hair isnt attached.. anywayz good luck ps: asian, you shouldnt post ur model in here, this is his thread and ppl might start asking for it and it can turn into ur...
  9. StriKe!

    Bojacks Gohan!!!!!

    i dunno if this has been said (had to go to the cinema:D) but didnt s--bolt make the head of ssj2 gohan. (maybe the body too but im not sure, all i can remember is that he made the head) anywayz looks pretty good
  10. StriKe!

    dragn ball goku

    well ur right, you should show pics. or we dont kno wot we downloadingO_o
  11. StriKe!

    MODELS!!!!!!!! [[for NEW site]]$$

    asian, who is the 1 on the upper left?
  12. StriKe!

    ssj2 Vegetto

    lol, so you can keep workin on ur vegetto? cause it looks amazing atm. but i think his crotch is a lil low, thats all:)
  13. StriKe!

    ssj2 Vegetto

    yeh i meant chest and stomach bile, thats wot i mean with body:P
  14. StriKe!

    ssj2 Vegetto

    too long legs and too small body, but nice work:D you are evolving very nicely:D
  15. StriKe!

    It's been awhile but (SSJ2 goku WIP)

    yeh nice work, and yes his neck is weird, doesnt look like a neck:D
  16. StriKe!

    Lord Slug goku model

    ow, d*mn:D cause i dont see myself makin a goku without shirt:p
  17. StriKe!

    Lord Slug goku model

    well, im not sure wot he looked like exactly, but i knew he got ssj hair, but it was black and i think his eyes disappeared. this took me 2 mins. credits to origional esf goku modeler:) edit: i was bored so i made this:P greetz:P
  18. StriKe!

    Final Flash (yes, I'm bored)

    well, it dont look like final flash. but good luck
  19. StriKe!

    goku gt pack

    then atleast give credits...
  20. StriKe!

    goku gt pack

    er dark slayer, dont use my chibi goku pack yet, i've just released it for 1 day. plz let some time pass by and then you can release it. If you done anything to it that is..