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  1. Blood_Rain

    I made a brolly model

    Hey people if you are looking for a brolly model here is one for you but I dont know where to put this brolly file so you guys can dl it???? got any advise??
  2. Blood_Rain

    How do I use ESF models?

    How do I decompile a ESF model and edit it????? So far I decompiled it with milkshape but dont know how to find the model can some one please help me?
  3. Blood_Rain

    Movie Characters you vote!!

    Would you like to see movie characters such as Bardock, Cooler,Bojack Trunks,and other people in the game?? Well if you do please post in here and please try not to critisis. Also if you do wanna see movie characters then vote yes or no on the pole.