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  1. HitmanXtreme

    small maps are boring

    try to beam-jump out of the ground
  2. HitmanXtreme

    small maps are boring (<-Currently down)
  3. HitmanXtreme

    avatar help!!

    Use a Batch/Compile Prog like IrfanView
  4. HitmanXtreme

    What are the ESF console commands

    Look at the Stickys. in the ESF CVar stand all you wanna now
  5. HitmanXtreme


    @SSJ_ReNe: What Internet Connection do you got?
  6. HitmanXtreme

    ESF sprites.

    Do you have the latest Version of Half-Life/Counter-Strike and do you have the latest Version of your Graphic Card Driver? If yes try to play in Direct 3D Mode. If this don't work, try to reinstall esf.
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    Me Want Pics!!! ;)
  8. HitmanXtreme

    how do i change

    you can't change it, only admins can change the Names
  9. HitmanXtreme

    i have a problem!

    I haven't got the voiceicon.spr in my esf/sprites folder too, but esf works fine. Try to reinstall esf
  10. HitmanXtreme

    Waterfals, Fog And Other Cool Stuff

    Here( you can find a tutorial for making waterfalls.
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    with wich program?
  12. HitmanXtreme

    Beta 1.1 Release Date

    they will say it one week before they release it
  13. HitmanXtreme

    Half-life is BORKED,help me

    Download Counter-Strike
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    Look here: ;)
  15. HitmanXtreme

    Best Mod For Half-Life

    I totaly agree with Magus.
  16. HitmanXtreme

    ki moves?

    Vegeta must be a ssj to have the final flash and in ESF there isn't a super kamehameha. To get other moves with the chars, they must transform, but the most of them don't get a new one.
  17. HitmanXtreme

    what program is needed to start mapping?

    Look at the Stickys in the mapping forum
  18. HitmanXtreme

    Gets you goin'....

    P.O.D. - Boom is surely cool too^^