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  1. nemecj05

    what other half life maps can be played on esf?

    i noticed that other half life maps that werent made FOR esf can be played on esf ikef bounce, thats 1 i know of are ther other ones? if so could you list them for me?
  2. nemecj05

    brolly sound packs

    where can i get brolly sound paks in english, esf world is down and i really want/need the sounds, if anyone has them please let me know my AIM is Services543 and my email is [email protected]
  3. nemecj05

    changing light levels

    ok, after i made the bsp file and it was done compiling the light was still to bright and i was wondering if there was a way to make the light level darker w/o recompiling the map like if i could edit the bsp file somehow
  4. nemecj05

    Post pics and download links of your maps here!!

    i just thought i would make this thread for anyone who wanted to post pics of there maps, btw i am making a map now and i will post a pic soon! edit: heres some pics of the map im working on now!
  5. nemecj05

    map request

    i think someone should make a map called should have 1 room you start off in, and a bunch of doors with a teleport entitie on them, and each dor takes you to a different area, like a beam only area, or a melee only area, a both area, and a general training area....i think that...
  6. nemecj05

    the new clan city......

    ok, first off im going to apologize for taking those buildings from ape city, i assure you i talked to ape bio and the ape clan and sorted it all out.....second of all i remade the map and heres a pic of what i got so far!! lol sorry ill go get one i had to fix somethin
  7. nemecj05

    qeird error when loading map

    when i try to load my map it gives me an error..... host_error: no precache +1 what does that mean? and how do i fix it? oh yea, and when compiling it also says Error:ReadSurfs <Line 1>: 2930 > g_numplanes how do i fix these errors?
  8. nemecj05

    my map clan_city

    Heres a little pic of what it looks like so far, its not done but give me some input on it thanx!
  9. nemecj05


  10. nemecj05

    sig test..

    just testin to see if my sig will show up! =/ sorry moderator, i was just checkin cause it didnt show up in my preveiw and i dont know why its not now either if you know please tell me
  11. nemecj05

    esf_korin_tower by mE!!!!

    This is my latest map, the best one i have made so far it accually isnt half bad if ya ask me! look at the pic and let me know what you think!!! (map picture)
  12. nemecj05

    help with sky boxes and light entities...

    ok, i understand how to add sky and light entities but i dont know how to edit those things, whenever i add a sky box and i compile my map it never has the sky i told it to have it always has some other one, and i dont know ow to change the brightness/darkness on the map someone help me...
  13. nemecj05

    Map resquest Brolli...

    I think someone should make the final battle scene from the firdst brolli movie where goku and brolli are fightin, or even better would be the city in the first brolli movie that would totally own! if someone could mabey make this map ASAP i woul LOVE IT!!
  14. nemecj05

    OPs in the mIRC chats are abusing there power!!

    i was recently in the chat just simply talking and they totally started flaming @ me for no reason and al i ddi was ask if anyone wanted to be a map makler for my clan, i was banned for simply talking to people they were harrasing me and if something isnt done i will personaly talkt o the maker...
  15. nemecj05


    someone give me ideas with a scetch (scetch not neccisary biut would be helpfull) i really am out of ideas for maps someone help me!
  16. nemecj05

    Ape clan

    i want to be in the ape clan, and im not sure if theres tryoutrs or whatnot but if someone from the ape clan could tell me wha i need to d to get in i would greatly appreceate it!
  17. nemecj05

    help with map lighting...

    ok, im making an artic map and i need to know how to make it look kinda dark like it would in the artic with fog......please help me thanx
  18. nemecj05

    decompiling maps....

    how do i decompile maps? i need to know so i can do some stuff (yes i have permission to do so) so please someone tell me
  19. nemecj05

    loading maps....

    well, i when i open esf and my map isnt there i make a game, type map esf_blalalalalalal or whatever the map is called and the game says host_error:bad string......what does this mean...i cant load my map i need help please help me thanx
  20. nemecj05


    does anyone know where i can downlod prefabs or if anyone could give me there prefabs, if you do i would gladly give you credit for them when my map is complete, i am haveing a very difficult time with my someone please help me!