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  1. Vladdie

    i cant stop making sigs

    wel it looks cool but the one with bebi veg and ssj4 goku looks a bit to plain but it looks cool and i say alot of cool today =D i think its cool ok i'm overreacting its a good sig hope u wil make one for me like that to and i will post those pics soon
  2. Vladdie

    i cant stop making sigs

    well if u cant stop make one for me then with gundams of gundam seed or wing and pls make me an avatar to if u can =s
  3. Vladdie

    Banner request

    hi everyone can some1 do me a favor by making a banner? with Tainted Divinity on it and some TD pls help me with that cause i cant do anything with bryce or photoshop ps. can u make one with bryce and one with photoshop pls ty.
  4. Vladdie

    sig request

    hi can someone make me a sig and an avatar with magus on it and no name on it so i can use at other forums aswel p.s. i wont rip ure sig and avatar just use them
  5. Vladdie

    can anyone make sig 4 me

    can anyone make a sig for me something with final fantasy chars on it pls???
  6. Vladdie

    latest bryce render

    what program do u use for it?
  7. Vladdie

    redsaiyan gohan

    hey spectre give thez guy a break we all know the armor is to big for him but it is probably his first edit?
  8. Vladdie

    New model :P

    i can host pics?
  9. Vladdie

    Link Model!!

    ok that looks like the real shield from the game but i think its too blurry.
  10. Vladdie

    redsaiyan gohan

    wow looks pretty cool. but there is something strange with his eye and there is something about his arms kinda like he broke them?
  11. Vladdie

    Vegetto reskin

    can a mod. close this thread
  12. Vladdie

    Vegetto reskin

    i reskinned the vegetto from ned i hope u guys wil like it. what do you think ? post some critz plz If you people like it then ill release !!!Credits!!! Ned: model , skin animations: Darktooth I edited the skin
  13. Vladdie

    katana released!!!!

    of topic: nuttzy i see in ure sig a sephiroth is it gonna be for esf or not???? on topic: the sword looks cool
  14. Vladdie

    crash bandicoot w/ trans

    hehe cool my one of favorite ps1 chars looks almost like the real crash
  15. Vladdie

    Alright people heres my new Model!

    hahahaha... hahahahahahahahhahaha... hahahahahaha wtf is that piece of stupid horse crap even i can skin alot better then u
  16. Vladdie

    katana released!!!!

    wow that looks like the masamune from sephiroth
  17. Vladdie

    gotenks wip

    ok thats one f*cking sweet model but is it for esf?
  18. Vladdie

    New model :P

    nah if u wanna change the sprites dont change the finishing busta into a shuriken change the ki blasts into shurikens
  19. Vladdie

    model for SAIYAN CRUSADES, Chibi Trunks

    i cant make one i cant make models
  20. Vladdie

    Ssj2 Gohan Fixed

    do something with his shoulders it looks like the arms are popping out