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  1. Andreyesf

    Animated Combos

    So I am teeling that every character should have an animated combo as his own combo !!! Like Goku should have something like INSTANT transmit with Kamehameha and fires at enemy DAMAGE : 35 REMEMBER NOT INSTANT transmit just instant transmit kamehameha for frieza Some FINGER LASERS combo like...
  2. Andreyesf


    Does anybody know a program (except fraps) for filming because I have 6 fps dont know why because I was getting 20 fps about 3 months ago HELP? nobody :'( ?
  3. Andreyesf

    Melee vs beam

    Ok this theard is how stupid is the beam spammers who doesnt know to play what are you guys MELEEE SPAMMERS or BEAM SPAMMERS all the time like (volkov) I am a melee spammer and I use sometimes kameha and kyblast and beams but I play in meeleee all the time so what are you guys??!?!? vote aand...
  4. Andreyesf

    Rate MY NEW sig

    Rate it ...this with freeza and GOKU >:)
  5. Andreyesf

    Request! :P

    Ok here it goes...can the esf 1.3 team (give me esf 1.3?) =)) (Joke) realease some more awesome gallery like in december??? :D 6 months has passed so ....:] can you guys release some more pics in the new POTM? :yes: !! ...
  6. Andreyesf


    Ok we all know the scouter ok????? :) I sugest for Android18/17 for not putting them radar because they can sense !!!!!!! -If a bigger power is rising a yellow blow should split the image in two like in DBZ!!!! :D -For the Giniy force they would have radar and I have an ideea...
  7. Andreyesf

    Super Beam

    Ok guys we all know movie 5 :Cooler's Revenge ...we can see that when goku is firering the KAMEHAMEHA wave in cooler ...cooler goes through goku's kamehameha....and kick his face :D ..So I'm sugesting if someone has BIGGER power like example - Me having 50 milions power and my enemy has 20...
  8. Andreyesf


    GUYS I HAVE INSTALED MP3 I BIFAT mp3 cl_mp3player 1 i put this and it doesnt open and when I go to esf folder with mp3 it says that doesnt EXISTA PLEASE HELP its important :D thanks !!!
  9. Andreyesf

    Head one!!

    Hello guys nice to see you again !!! Ok this is the sugestion...we all know when we do headone arrows appears and we have to hit them :D...well I like in esf 1.3 the Headone to be more realistic.. -When you are in headone A powerstrugle will appear and you have to pump ky in there...
  10. Andreyesf

    Circle of trust! (All Forum Members Please Read)

    Well first off all you remember me guys....the cheater :( who was blind in taking the force pit acces to have 1.3 earlier and give them to my friends who voted me...such thing is BAD for the esf 1.3 team who is working in the very best mod I ever seen :(...I like to apologize to the esf 1.3 team...
  11. Andreyesf


    PLEASE do you know that program that when you play a game with pixel shader it removes it.I have Black AND white 2 and i want to play but its requiered pixel shader . I have a geforce 4 mx440 please tell me that name of the programmmmm!!!!!
  12. Andreyesf

    Clothes of Piccolo and Trunks

    Ok this is the sugestion PLEASE put it in esf 1.3 when you are transforming with piccolo he's cape do not dissapear he pull the cape and hat down like in DBZ same thing for Trunks when he goes USSJ form do not put to dissapear his cloth you can make to brake his cloth or something like that...
  13. Andreyesf

    Scrooge McDuck vs Vegeta

    THIS is the funyest Movie of DBZ i ever seen please wach itttt and if you have a movie more funiest than this post it (DBZ only)
  14. Andreyesf


    Maybe tomorrow morning in the picture of the week THE TEAM will show us the grab...or maybe the new mellee system with 2 vs 1 orrr a strugle and one of the players pumps kyy in it i love to see anything of this 3 choices.Thanks.
  15. Andreyesf

    After the grab

    If you do the grab perfectely you have two choice right? hold the person and move with him and throw him into buildings etc .. 2.You hold the person and a teamnate punch him in the stomach . Now my sugestion is when you do the grab perfectely if you want to hold the enemy and to...
  16. Andreyesf


    You said that the holeee GYNIU force is in but what about jeice?!! i cant see him on the outline discusss PLEASE make it jeice is my favorite character from the gyniu SQUAD
  17. Andreyesf

    Team Secret Sugestion

    I was thinking of the picture of the week and pain said "Maybe it's a super secret team move combo special ability of secretness." And now the sugestion is this when you play like THE Gyniu Force ONLY Baata and Jeice to do a super secret team move combo special ability of secretness...
  18. Andreyesf

    Sound Sugestion

    I was thinking if the team can remove the sound of all the characters in esf 1.2.3 and to use the sounds of budokai 1 , 2, or 3 or even budokai tenkaichi.An exemple in 1.2 vegeta say when he throws the bing bang he say : "Bing Bang Attack" in BUDOKAI 3 HE SAY "Welcome to super vegeta's...
  19. Andreyesf

    In the next picture of the week

    I wonder what you guys want in the next picture of the week I want to see THE GRAB or ssj 2 gohan...OR a picture of the new MELEE SYSTEM :). Ok i make a Poll and you chose :)
  20. Andreyesf


    "Happy Holidays! - Posted Sun, 25 Dec 2005 00:51:14 -0600 by Mastasurf Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and a Splendid Kwanza from the ESF staff. Maybe if your good Santa's helpers will bring you a small goody soon! Just in case you were thinking it, small does not equal beta 1.3. " I...