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  1. raulo

    Some Questions

    Ok. There a few questions I have to ask, First: There are gonna be more transformations for any character in 1.2 ? I mean for example Goku SSJ 3, Perfect Cell, etc. Second: Will you guys will release 1.2 ONLY for Steam, or we can play trought WON too ? I mean, I don't play Steam, so I...
  2. raulo

    Nintendo Gamacube Games

    What the hell is that SSBM game ?? O_o I don't know it by their initials, so please post the entire name of the game. Thank you.
  3. raulo

    What game should I buy? (PS2)

    I recommend Metal Gear Solid 2, is a great game. This game RLZ.
  4. raulo

    Do you smoke cigars ?

    This is only a poll, to find out how many of you guys, smoke, or you just smoke sometimes. Thank you for your vote-post.
  5. raulo

    Future Version Transformations

    A partial solution for this is to make the maps more bigger, so the player, if he has 100,000,000,000 units of power, and the kamehameha will take all the map, simply divid the map into sections or make it bigger.
  6. raulo

    Your Favorite Anime Series

    Where is Macross/Robotech ?? Is a great anime serie, or Evangelion, another gold serie.
  7. raulo

    The America BBQ

    WHAT ??? This is incredible !!! We should be thankful for Hiroshima, Nagasaki ?? We should be thankful for taking the world to a massive "no food" politics We should be thankful for bombing Bagdad without a reason except the oil ??? We should be thankful that the Americans expens a lot of...
  8. raulo

    Your idea of heaven

    Its tough to think about heaven, but I think its only a thing that humans created to justify his existence. Besides, I dont believe in heaven or god.
  9. raulo

    Nintendo Gamacube Games

    Sorry, but I only put the games that I own, so F-Zero GX isnt't there because I don't have it either.
  10. raulo

    Nintendo Gamacube Games

    :cool: This is just a poll to find out what's your favorite type of games for the Nintendo Gamecube. There are many variations if we talk about the type of the game. Vote and Thank you once more for your posts. :yes:
  11. raulo

    Metroid Prime for Nintendo Gamecube. What do you think ?

    Sorry to misundertand you, you have understood wrong, I didn't mean in any moment you offend my country, so please excuse me if you think that you have offended my country, its my fault. Anyways, my english su*** so, if you have gone wrong, please excuse me. Back to Metroid Prime, I need some...
  12. raulo

    What is YOUR favorite RPG moment? (Warning, some spoilers inside)

    Metroid Prime is considered a RPG ?? Because thats my favorite if it is an RPG.
  13. raulo

    Metroid Prime for Nintendo Gamecube. What do you think ?

    Tassadar, renember where I live, here the price of electronic things, got overwhelmed (expensive, very expensive) so I don't have teh oportunity to buy it at that price.
  14. raulo

    Metroid Prime for Nintendo Gamecube. What do you think ?

    I live here, in the end of the world, to say it with another words, I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Recently, I buyed a Nintendo Gamecube (I have paid U$S 500 for it) with the Metroid Prime game (U$S 120). And I have to say, that is the most exciting and beatiful game I have ever played...
  15. raulo

    HLDS Ping Booster

    What is that ping-boost stuff, is something that can reduce your ping. Please i want to know because i have a 56 k connection.
  16. raulo

    vBulletin 3.0.0

    Very nice, maybe you should change the colors for something darker.
  17. raulo

    faster power level up?

    That's not my first post, and I say sorry because I don't know when my spell is wrong or not, so, just in case I'll put it. :)
  18. raulo

    almost max pl

    This has happen to me, and with another players too !!
  19. raulo

    What are wishes for?

    If you make another wish, like inmortality or power, the wish amount didn't count it. Right ? Sorry for my speeling.
  20. raulo

    faster power level up?

    I play ESF alone, with BOTS. Can I choose my starting PL or something, its boring to play half an hour to ascend. Sorry for my speeling.