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  1. Jace

    man look at this ! i really like it xD it is very funny
  2. Jace

    Throw the melee ?

    Hello people xD ive played on a server and there was a guy he has do an attack i dont know how to do it he has throw me and did then suddenly melee ( with goku ) i tested it with trunks it worked but not with goku he told me there is a trick but he cant tell it . does anyone know how to do it...
  3. Jace

    Whos stronger : Beby Vegeta or Vegeta SSJ4

    Can anyone tell me whos stronger ?
  4. Jace


    Where are the all gokus ? drakones , super vegettos i want play with the goku models the models that we can download on esf-world ( sorry i can it not better make the models ) but they suck i want play with a good goku model then where are they all and what is with your model darkone u have say...
  5. Jace

    Darkones goku

    What is with darkones goku i wait too long ! he say that he reales it when esf1.2b reales but where is it ? so darkone answer plz