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  1. Vladdie

    Banner request

    hi everyone can some1 do me a favor by making a banner? with Tainted Divinity on it and some TD pls help me with that cause i cant do anything with bryce or photoshop ps. can u make one with bryce and one with photoshop pls ty.
  2. Vladdie

    sig request

    hi can someone make me a sig and an avatar with magus on it and no name on it so i can use at other forums aswel p.s. i wont rip ure sig and avatar just use them
  3. Vladdie

    can anyone make sig 4 me

    can anyone make a sig for me something with final fantasy chars on it pls???
  4. Vladdie

    Vegetto reskin

    i reskinned the vegetto from ned i hope u guys wil like it. what do you think ? post some critz plz If you people like it then ill release !!!Credits!!! Ned: model , skin animations: Darktooth I edited the skin
  5. Vladdie

    can someone make an gohan model with kai uniform?

    read the title
  6. Vladdie

    when will the new models be released

    :cry: like we have been waiting for sooooooo long but no one wil release their models. why are they waiting for so long?:cry:
  7. Vladdie

    can someone help me with esf

    euhm can someone give me a link where i candownload esf cause my mon deleted all files from my computer
  8. Vladdie

    just stuff

    can someone help me with my sig pls
  9. Vladdie

    model request

    can someone make a gohan and ssj gohan with a cape like piccolo? pls.
  10. Vladdie

    does someone like to make me a ultimate saiyan trunks

    this is a pic for help if someone would make it i think this is a ultimate saiyan trunks
  11. Vladdie

    can someone make me a bebi vegeta pls?

    look at the subject
  12. Vladdie

    esf clan question?

    i wanna be a member of a esf clan
  13. Vladdie

    can someone help me

    i'm making a reskin for myself of ssjvegeta but i cant put shadows on his hair. can someone please help me
  14. Vladdie

    esf servers?

    can someone give me some good esf servers please?
  15. Vladdie

    double discs

    i have a suggestion what if u can use two discs at the same time. i'm saying this for the disc lamers eh.
  16. Vladdie

    something about cell

    the discs that cell uses are wrong he never uses the frieza discs he uses the destucto disc
  17. Vladdie

    gundam wing mod

    is there a gundam wing mod for half-life
  18. Vladdie

    long haired trunks model

    can someone make a normal long haired trunks model and in ssj form to please cause i cant make my own models i'm to dumb for it and that modeling program is to complicated