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  1. Ashur

    Rate The Signature Above You... The Trilogy... 2

    I see with my little eye something black and bloody....a ninja :O Meh nice sig 8/10
  2. Ashur

    Does esf 1.3 beta recuire previus versions?

    THX a lot! :D
  3. Ashur

    Does esf 1.3 beta recuire previus versions?

    just a simple question and plz reply as fast as possible?
  4. Ashur

    1.1-like teleports.

    Hmm dunno i like after image no complaints there
  5. Ashur

    Mass Mail Hoax of Dec 30

    By god i actualy signed in :O Everybody else: "Whos that guy? O_o " Any who iv been here quite for some time and i am simply amazed... I know all abouth how your live becomes more packed by dudyes like school... jobs.... projects and soo on. So i give a low bow to you ESF teem for keeping at...
  6. Ashur

    what is the first thing

    First i dl the game.... and while watching the time remaining i will be jumping in my chair form excitment then when it will be like 10 min remaining the presure will get to big and il start doing push ups while standing on my hands.... Then after it is installed..... lan.... VEGETA... and...
  7. Ashur

    Why the meaning of life?

    Not exatly... he is an animal just not dumb...As most of us are....Some smarter some dumber....Anyway the way you described Phoenix...Well all i can say you will never make anything out of your self if that exatly what you do.... And Zeonix... Stop it with the i am a god emperor... It get...
  8. Ashur

    what grinds your gears? Ashur was the religious capital of Assyria, and the centre for worship of the god Ashur and the goddess Ishtar/Inanna. Duh i know that :P What you think the name Ashur just poped out of my ... :D I chose that name since i was 7 and from that time it was my...
  9. Ashur

    Can you guess who this is? :P

    Why whould they... I mea monthly pay... Its like get money alll the time... Unless 90% of world of wascraft say ENUGHT of this BS they keep on developing world of warcrap
  10. Ashur

    what grinds your gears?

    ....Yes its people like you ...... Hmmm....welll dont hang around them... Hmm yes thats a good idea... Where is that? My dad somkes my brother my granny....If i go out side.... before a reatch a busstop il meet at least 2 somkers... Waiting for a buss at least 1 person smokes... I am in a...
  11. Ashur

    what grinds your gears?

    Yeah abouth that .... I cant stand somke... I cant breath.... So think abouth it... Your just standing around and somebody dosent let you breath.... Yeah ... fun... Oh wait he is done!! FINALY after 2 min of torture .. But whats this? A nother one.... And like that everyday....for years and...
  12. Ashur

    what grinds your gears?

    I hate people who smoke. Second that...I hate them so mutch then when 1 passes my i just want to jump on break his arm... shread his neck with my teath and rip his spine out...Yes that mutch... If killing wasent illigal id do it to...Even if it was my friend or mom...WHY THE ....... IAM I...
  13. Ashur

    Can you guess who this is? :P

    WHAT!!!! but in the trailer it showed it will be reliced in 2003... Thats like 3 years ago.... O_o
  14. Ashur

    Renzoku Tweak

    My opinion... It should depend on level.... 1.After fire buton is held... 0,5 sec lather he starts shoting(like when he did on gohan in the begining of the series)... and you ki begins to drain... 2.Every level gives you more ki right? means more of them... begining is at least 10-20 and...
  15. Ashur

    Can you guess who this is? :P

    Coloring no...I do think that one day il start coloring... But meh not now... Il just gona...As one person said abouth me : "Licking it perfect" .... As in il finish the lips with shadows... add the whole face shadows that will give a more 3D efect, then fix up the armor a bit... And soo on :p...
  16. Ashur

    Can you guess who this is? :P

    WHAT!!!... uhh he had good coments on drawing... Harsh but correct....At least for my drawings....And gee i am really falling back in this comunity.... Havent been around real long....
  17. Ashur

    Can you guess who this is? :P

    Correct! :P Nova... -still thinks its Raiden from MGS2- <_< not sure how i am suposed to take that...compliment? inuslt? just and opinion? Ghost is the sniper in Starcraft as far as I know. But yeah, it looks like that chick who turnes evil in starcraft. I cant think of her name...
  18. Ashur

    Can you guess who this is? :P

    Well it goes by the name Star Craft Ghost :P
  19. Ashur

    Can you guess who this is? :P

    Yeah well made a new protraid... The lips arent finished and so are the prime shadows... But you can see the preportions nicely tell me if anything is off....
  20. Ashur

    Hey havent done portraid in a long time....

    Thx :P Exatly the person i was hoppin to help me :P