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  1. Jace

    Dragonball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi

    meh got the game man its sooo coool ive beaten the sayin sage an yet im at the freezer sage ( srz for my bad english )
  2. Jace

    man look at this !

    Yeah he went GSSJ ^^"
  3. Jace

    man look at this ! i really like it xD it is very funny
  4. Jace

    Dragonball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi

    YAY german reals. date
  5. Jace

    [FP] Goku V2

    Very nice but the face needs to be fixed for what is this model ?
  6. Jace

    Throw the melee ?

    man just be so mad >_<" if u have msn or icq we can talk there
  7. Jace

    A Esf Version of the cell games

    Just say ur msn or icq lets say saturday 3-7 clock MSN : [email protected] ICQ : 282-807-528
  8. Jace

    Throw the melee ?

    i think yes o.O"
  9. Jace

    Throw the melee ?

    :( i dont will tell it but i am a goku player and goku hasnt got many combos like trunks etc and u dont must say it here u can pm me
  10. Jace

    Throw the melee ?

    Can anyone pm me about it ? btw i forgot a n in throw the melee o.O"
  11. Jace

    A Esf Version of the cell games

    I can be cell o.O or trunks i am with both good
  12. Jace

    Throw the melee ?

    I mean he started throw then he realse the mouse2 and press mouse2 again for melee and it hits ( without tele and swoop )
  13. Jace

    Throw the melee ?

    Hello people xD ive played on a server and there was a guy he has do an attack i dont know how to do it he has throw me and did then suddenly melee ( with goku ) i tested it with trunks it worked but not with goku he told me there is a trick but he cant tell it . does anyone know how to do it...
  14. Jace

    Whos stronger : Beby Vegeta or Vegeta SSJ4

    Can anyone tell me whos stronger ?
  15. Jace


    give goku a speedfull kamehameha like burning attack goku needs really an attack like this
  16. Jace

    Goku WIP

    man kreshi i never see never never see so what in my live it is the best model from the world !!!!!!!!! really its very nice i hope u do it too with vegeta please upload it on resaiyan i heard that esf-world has probs
  17. Jace

    New Goku WIP

    srz for double post admin it was a long time i have post here @topic whats going on with your model? is any thing new or so its nice but i dont want that we forgot it so i post here and ask you is any new finish or is what new?
  18. Jace

    its my birfday

    Hapy b day too you :D i hope u have a nice live
  19. Jace

    New Goku WIP

    what about your movie? is the music finish
  20. Jace


    I know it 2 tips 1: It is under 18 not allowed 2: It is a very nice game and it is with a 2 so yet u al know what it is