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  1. raulo

    Some Questions

    Ok. There a few questions I have to ask, First: There are gonna be more transformations for any character in 1.2 ? I mean for example Goku SSJ 3, Perfect Cell, etc. Second: Will you guys will release 1.2 ONLY for Steam, or we can play trought WON too ? I mean, I don't play Steam, so I...
  2. raulo

    Do you smoke cigars ?

    This is only a poll, to find out how many of you guys, smoke, or you just smoke sometimes. Thank you for your vote-post.
  3. raulo

    Nintendo Gamacube Games

    :cool: This is just a poll to find out what's your favorite type of games for the Nintendo Gamecube. There are many variations if we talk about the type of the game. Vote and Thank you once more for your posts. :yes:
  4. raulo

    Metroid Prime for Nintendo Gamecube. What do you think ?

    I live here, in the end of the world, to say it with another words, I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Recently, I buyed a Nintendo Gamecube (I have paid U$S 500 for it) with the Metroid Prime game (U$S 120). And I have to say, that is the most exciting and beatiful game I have ever played...
  5. raulo

    Thread Problem (Closed)

    Can anyone explain to me why my thread was closed without a reason ? Thanks. Sorry for my speeling.
  6. raulo

    More Transformations

    I think that it would be fantastic to add a new transformation to all the charachters so they have at least three, for example: goku ssj3,perfect cell, etc.) The way that I think is: when you reach a certain power level, transform into ssj for example, and when you reach a power level being...