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  1. Wuying Ren

    Chargable KiBall

    I think mouse button 1 should be charge one ball and mouse button 2 fire rapid balls (rapid balls already in the game). I mean chargable like GOhan or Brolly do it.
  2. Wuying Ren

    Tapion model request

    Hi Can anyone try to make a Tapion model who replace Trunks ? In the next version he also can use his sword :D ps. Trunks's sword is the same like Tapion's sword.
  3. Wuying Ren


    In my mailbox always this appears "... has just tried to send you a private message. However, your private messages box on ESF Forum has reached the specified quota. In order to receive further private messages, you must delete some messages. Please visit this page to do so:" But I already...
  4. Wuying Ren


    Where do you start if you make an artwork ? At the waist the head or the foots ?
  5. Wuying Ren

    WIP Future Goku reskin

    I made a reskin of the Goten model by God Gundam he get credits and stuff. This is future Goku he appears in a dbz/dbgt special 100 years after dbz he is the grandson of pan. Here is the skin: notice I don't changed the face only the bandana on his head (I say this because it...
  6. Wuying Ren


    I suggest Yamchu/Yamcha for one of the next realease. He is strong enought to beat Pikkon and he also got some good attacks. Attacks: Kamehameha The Controlable Ball he used against kami Wolf attack (make him a bit stronger in melee but it cost a lot of ki) I guss I forgot attacks but...
  7. Wuying Ren

    Milkshape help needed

    If I try to compile my -qc file this appears: ************ ERROR ************ \Eigene Dateien\Eigene Skins\ESF Skins\Trunks\model\/./reference.smd doesn't exist And if I try to export a smd this appears: Found group with no material! Model not exported! And if I use this one quake tool...
  8. Wuying Ren

    Small Piccolo Skinedit

    I made a small skin edit. I added the lines on his arms and made his suit more like that
  9. Wuying Ren

    Reskin of Styreta Armor Trunks

    Hi I downloaded the new Trunks by Styreta and made a reskin. I give him all rights. And the ESF team too.
  10. Wuying Ren

    Snake-Arm Attack !

    Hi Piccolo should have the snake arm attack in the next beta. Just make it controlable like a beam. It charge quick and is very fast. You can see good how they are work in Movie 5 Cooler. He use it also in the show but in the movie you see it better. I think it whould be cool if you...
  11. Wuying Ren

    Another Fusion idea

    If two people make a fusion a small powerstruggel bar appear and in this time they are invincrible and the one who win the power struggel control the fusioned char.
  12. Wuying Ren

    Range Problem

    Yesterday I changed something with timeout in my config data and now I can't see the end of the map ingame. Everything pop up slowly if I fly forward.
  13. Wuying Ren

    Cooler sugestion

    I want a Cooler model. I sugest a Cooler model ! please ! I already tryed by my self but: 1. I am one of the biggest noob in moddeling 2. I have unanswered Milkshape porblems. 3. I asked what is the best model programm and no one answered.
  14. Wuying Ren

    Broly Char States WIP *g*

    Hi I made Broly Char States. Here: * Normal Form * Broly - Starting PowerLevel: 500.000 Max Health: 150 Max Speed: 80 * Transformation * Legendary Saiyajin Broly - Transformation PowerLevel: 2.500.000 Perfect Transform Powerlevel: 10.000.000 Powerlevel Multiplier: 3 Max...
  15. Wuying Ren

    Dead massage

    The problem of this game is that you see that you killed your enemie. In the show the Z team or other guys just win because the enemies don't know exactly that they are dead. The just think they are dead and that is the end of him (freezer or someone). There only should be a message that he is...
  16. Wuying Ren

    Forum and website error

    Everytime I klick on a button like a thread or a forum a error like this appears: Warning: Too many connections in /home/virtual/site44/fst/var/www/html/forum/admin/db_mysql.php on line 40 Warning: MySQL Connection Failed: Too many connections in...
  17. Wuying Ren

    Connection to server timed out

    I play this game at the beginn from the beta and I played in the internet. And now suddenly every time I try too join in a server this error appears ! I can't play anymore !
  18. Wuying Ren

    Milkshape questions

    I got a problem. I tryed to compile my model (qc file) and then this appears: \Eigene Dateien\Eigene Skins\ESF Skins\Freezer\frieza\/./reference.smd doesn't exist What is too do ?
  19. Wuying Ren

    Damn cool picture

    I don't made this but I must show it too you ! Its not drawed it is written.
  20. Wuying Ren

    GT Goku Skin

    Hello I made this Skin edit Its not much but I think it looks nice for a skinedit.