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  1. Gon

    Ki blasts

    Couldn't find/search for any suggestion about this so I thought I'd bring this up. I'm not entirely sure about the ki blasts that will be implemented in 1.3, but if this isn't already in then I think we should have a charging ki blast which takes about 1 second to charge that's performable...
  2. Gon

    Black Cat AMV

    Just another anime music video I made since I was bored. Enjoy.
  3. Gon

    SSJ Gohan animation

    I'm not sure if this is already known, but the fly_powerup_charge animation for SSJ GOHAN makes the left side of his face rip apart. GOHAN and SSJ2 GOHAN are fine.
  4. Gon

    Dragonball Z Opening

    Well, I was bored and decided to make a NEW Dragonball Z OP. Enjoy.
  5. Gon

    Time to Kiroyal

    Well, I made this a couple months ago. Has some of the action genre animes I've watched. Sorry for crap quality. Youtube downgraded it.
  6. Gon

    Power Level increase Speed

    I'm not too sure if someone already suggested this, but I'll continue with my idea. I think the flying speed of characters should depend on their power levels. I find it actually very accurate to the show if you think about it, the higher power level, the faster right?(Excluding USSJ). I...
  7. Gon

    sUpErb uLtRa lAg!1!one!1

    Well, I don't know what's going on, but I can't play any Counter-strike games or any ESF games. Rate 9999 cl_cmdrate 101 cl_updaterate 101 (I heard if you set the rates too high, it can cause some lag, so I readjusted it to 1000, 5000, 7500, but no luck still.) I've been having some...
  8. Gon

    Cannot Join servers/Create Servers.

    Until recently, I cannot join any games or even create a game when I start up ESF. When joining a game, I cannot get past the "Verifying Resources" part, ESF freezes, but does not crash. I have to either push my Windows key, or Alt+Ctrl+Del to exit out of it. Same goes as creating my...