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  1. Gon

    Character Templates

    I dunno about Krillin popping out sensu beans.
  2. Gon

    Ki blasts

    Ah, thanks for that information, Grega. A lot of players charge up minimum generic blasts to execute quick ranged attacks. With the generic beams if we charge to maximum are too predictable, move slow, but they deal damage. So... I'm just substituting a ki blast charge in for the minimum...
  3. Gon

    Super Buu vs. Kid Buu

    You claim that SSJ1 Gotenks is stronger than SSJ3 Goku then why'd Gotenks lose every fight he had? Goku stated that he could have easily destroyed Majin Buu but wanted his sons to try defending the Earth because he won't always be around. Goku even said he could have easily destroyed Kid Buu...
  4. Gon

    Ki blasts

    The thing about the generic ball is that at minimum charge, it doesn't have a big splash damage radius to begin with and does about the same damage as a regular ki blast currently. Actually, it doesn't deal any damage if the players PL is moderately higher than yours. If I remember right, beam...
  5. Gon

    Super Buu vs. Kid Buu

    Never claimed Gohan was any stronger or weaker than Goku. Keyword I used is "if" he is stronger than Goku. Some sources say Gohan is stronger, some say Goku is stronger. I actually don't really know and don't really care. Where did you get that SSJ Gotenks is stronger than SSJ3 Goku? Did you...
  6. Gon

    Ki blasts

    Imagine the current ki blast we have now that is used with the left mouse button. We fire off 1 single ki blast that travels at a slow rate, but it's very accurate. What I'm saying is, make this chargeable. If it's charged, it'll be slightly stronger, shoot at a slightly faster rate and have a...
  7. Gon

    Super Buu vs. Kid Buu

    I think Kid Buu is stronger than Super Buu. Would make no sense why Akira Toriyama would kill off the strongest villain in the series and bring a weaker one into it. If Mystic Gohan is slightly Stronger than SSJ3 Goku then it would be a close match if the two were to battle, right? (Though...
  8. Gon

    Ki blasts

    Couldn't find/search for any suggestion about this so I thought I'd bring this up. I'm not entirely sure about the ki blasts that will be implemented in 1.3, but if this isn't already in then I think we should have a charging ki blast which takes about 1 second to charge that's performable...
  9. Gon

    Your thoughts on Piracy?

    I don't think pirating software or games is all that bad. I know that the majority of people download anime from torrents, and that's considered pirating even if it's not licensed outside of Japan. So, yeah... not much can be done about it really. I only see it as a problem if people start to...
  10. Gon

    ESF 1.3 more like Budokai

    1. Beam spamming. Dun dun dunnn. 2. The community was supposed to throw in a Tien, but I don't even know what happened to that. 3. There's enough effects to not make my game lag. I don't think anyone cares about watching rocks fly around when you're in a game with about 16 people blasting each...
  11. Gon


    The beta still needs a lot of fixes, but I think the game is going in a good direction. Good work ESF team! After testing it out, it makes me want to jump back in for some action, but sadly it won't be happening because I don't have the time anymore. Only thing that is really bugging me right...
  12. Gon

    Save 1.2

    Hello. I've decided to come check up on ESF today and I read your post Sub. A tutorial would have been nice, but the skill levels between newbies and pros is too great. The team did create a tutorial as you already probably know, but most people who don't want to read it usually won't stay in...
  13. Gon

    WTH is WRONG with people anymore???

    I used to watch Sailormoon.
  14. Gon

    Team Scoring (developer poll)

    Any idea for powerlevel ranking in the game..? Anyways, I like the team idea... something new is always good.
  15. Gon

    DBZ budokai 3 vid. DragonForce

    That video wasn't even that good.. Just was a bunch of random fight scenes put together from the game.
  16. Gon

    Scientists Create Chimera

    Cool Sheep, but I hope they do something more useful with it in the near future.
  17. Gon

    Making GIFs/Animations

    Yeah that happens, I'm pretty sure it has to do with the number of frames total and also it doesn't display on your computer correctly. You need to upload the .gif to a site to actually see it perfectly. It just freezes if you try to look at it on your comp.
  18. Gon

    Media = Evil?

    Gamers for the military? You've got to be kidding.
  19. Gon

    Two suggestions from the Orkut community.

    I don't think it's because they don't care, I think it's because A) People make up stupid sugguestions. or B) People make suggestions that are totally unbalanced.
  20. Gon

    Media = Evil?

    Yeah, that's so true.