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    Body Switch

    This attack is probably going to become a nuisance. IS there a way to get your body back without tracking down the person in your body? If you've been working on a game raising up your PL for a while, and some bozo catches you off guard and takes your body, thats a pain in the ass.
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    Shield Attack

    I would like this cleared up or investigated. Some servers and players claim that Gohan's shield attack crashes servers, if this is true, then I hope it gets fixed, if not then make an official announcement because I'm tired of not being allowed to use it, being threatened with bans and kicks...
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    HP higher than maximum???

    I was playing with the bots and eventually reached a pl of 400,000,000. At some point the bots tried to melee me, but I began gaining health instead of losing it. I can send a screen shot of it if you want to see it. The highest i remember it being was when I was out of ssj, it was at 167. The...
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    A few problems/bugs/suggestions

    I think the buu candy attack is much too strong. Some lamers fly around with it activated through the whole match. Either make it cost a lot more energy to use or eliminate its ability to damage others, so they must beat you with other attacks to a low life and THEN use candy attack. Its not...