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    Martial Arts

    im training to become a super sayian atm :laff: ....all jokes aside i got to brown belt in Wado ryu Karate :) which is one from black , after black i think it went up to 5th dan or something
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    News Update

    just wondering for the guy thats seen all the movies eps ect , seen the lost oav movie ? and yes it does exsist
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    Whats your Fav funny moment in DBZ

    lol when gokus up at kamis lookout and hes eating then trys to talk with his mouth full, piccollos like grosss!
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    Mice regrow limbs and heart

    Piccolo has been teaching me how to regenerate :O
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    lol i dont think its that bad ive seen it in the paper i think its cool how he didnt leave his owners side , as rank as the dog is he makes up for it in heart, so i say good on it
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    Post your funky ESF pics!

    Well i whoooped in this one me vs me bro as i dont yet have a half life key we play lan :D
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    Whats your Fav funny moment in DBZ

    Well over all the episodes of dbz there have been some pretty funny moments... mine would have to be when hercules desciples fight and that guy with the roses trys to fight cell and does that lil thing before he does so funny lol :laff:
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    DBZ Music

    IF anyone here wants a certain song from a saga or music they liked i have DBZ VOL 1 2 3 4 5 , Andriod 18 Club Mix and the Trunks Compenidum Album , i got them via bit torrent and have most of the music from dbz. IM me with the music theme with a description of maybe when it was played(e.g...
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    Favorate songs/themes (anime)

    Ive got a few favourites, DBZ- Music when vegeta tells goku that freiza killed there race ect , its also one of the time chamber themes. Perfect Cell theme Vegeta theme when hes goin super for the first time Android 20 and 19 music when there walking around south city Imperfect Cell...
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    What are you listening to right now?

    The Used album - in love and death Blink182 - Enema Of the state album Offspring end of the line Chingy - One call away
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    The Techno

    Dj - Sammy- Heaven :P Haddaway-what is love *already suggested* Matrix sound track - sounds kinda trancy lol
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    Who would win in a fight?

    ok ive been reading all the replies in this and everyone has a point.If anyone remembers the fight with fat buu and evil buu- (the brown skinny one) evil buu blew the candy thingy back at fatt buu causing him to be turned to candy , i think this was because he was powerful enough to do this , if...
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    You know you're emotional when...

    Ultima Online ? sounds alot like it haha
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    PS2 Online [Names and Games]

    Tekken 3 Tag Tournerment thingy (P Jack) Simpsons (Mr Burns)
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    You know you're emotional when...

    more of a musical emotion, when a song comes on and it reminds you of some time in your life when ur happy (ex gf ) for example (My Place nelly)- my ex :P)
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    I may be wrong but i believe , cell first stage (first stage i hated the most) ended up bein stronger then picollo because he went thru the towns absorbing people and only Andriod 16 stood a chance against him untill he transformed into 2nd stage.i know its a lil of topic from the super namek...
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    Real beauty is skin deep... OMG TEH PIX THREAD!

    Hey people , heres a mug shot i used for my proof of age card (just turned 18 4 days back) , oh and good work to that guy that was doing the SSJ5 goku ive seen that pic before and yer not a bad model of it :),gonna try to attempt to do a Saiberman Model if i get time.
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    Real beauty is skin deep... OMG TEH PIX THREAD!

    Ok im new but hey im pretty sexy :P Just click on it im leading the pack :P
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    Editing Char

    aight wiked,thanks mate ill try it out :)
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    Editing Char

    Anyway possible to edit a chars starting power or health that he/she/it starts of with , i only wanna know for the purpose of versin bots not for lan use, thanks ;)