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    Wanting to upgrade mobo + cpu

    So my comp has been bleh for a while now. I was thinking of getting the Core 2 Duo either 2.4ghz or 2.66. However, I don't know how to go about searching for a decent motherboard. I'm looking at a price range (on the mobo) of... hopefully below $200, if possible. Can anyone suggest a relatively...
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    World Jump Day

    I'm sure many of you have heard of it. I'm not allowed to advertise so I won't post a link. However, do you think it's possible? Basically, what they predict is that if 600,000 people all jump at the same time, the word will get pulled into a better orbit and all of our lives and stuff becomes...
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    Looking to Buy a Katana

    However, my... specifications are very specific. I'm not even sure if it's possible. - At least over 40" long (the entire thing, not the blade :O) - Handle can't be too big, 11-14" is fine >_> - Lightweight, can be carried in either one or two hands - Full tang - Somewhat thin blade, but...
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    Just wanted to see what people think. I wish I could.
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    Can not create Direct Show Player

    Using Firefox, on certain websites like Putfile, *****ded videos won't appear and a window called "npdsplay" comes up with a message saying "Can not create Direct Show Player." Does anybody know why this is happening? I've searched Google for a solution and it seems like many people get this...
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    Ctrl + V Game

    Just hit ctrl+v and see what you have copied :O Mine is: didn’t Erm... wtf?
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    My First Mech Ever

    Also the first thing I actually tried to draw, and first "submission" to the Artwork forum. I seem to remember someone saying this forum wasn't too active, and because I like to see awesome pictures I decided to practice (omg crazy idea, no?) and maybe we can add life to this forum. I want to be...
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    explorer.exe Problem

    Windows never states this, but my explorer.exe process likes to shut off by itself and restart by itself. During games, the bottom part of my screen where the taskbar disappears and shows my wallpaper (while the upper part of my screen still displays the game) and it causes major lag and stuff...
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    Anim8or - Free Modeling/Animating Prog I have just discovered this program and tried it out. I haven't tried the animating but I tried the modeling, and it seems decent. I've used MS3D and 3DSM, so I think this program is good to start out with. Not that complicated, and can help get you...
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    Sprites and Macromedia Flash Help

    I know how to use sprites in movies but I was wondering if there is an easier way to make use of scrolling backgrounds and be able to zoom in on your characters and things like that. For example, someone walking, background scrolling with them, then zooming in on that character (sprite) so you...
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    Strange Windows Problems

    A while ago my computer got some spyware. I used Ad-Aware, Spybot S&D, and AVG to scan my computer. The spyware apparently was deleted but every so often (maybe once a minute or so) my taskbar (with the Start button and all those things) disappears. This leads to the minimizing of all my windows...
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    Charge Aura... Thing (E Button)

    Well, they're all the same. I know this might overwork our wonderful Darktooth but Recoome's Budokai 3 Charge stance is hilarious. So I guess this means, not necessarily for all characters, variety
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    Deflection + Ki

    I think you should have semi-control of where you deflect it. I know that in the manga, they sort of flick it away off to the side but it would be fun knocking it back at the person who shot you. But that's not really necessary... I also think that if someone throws a Spirit Bomb or a Death...
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    Cooler: Not Recommended

    A few times, I've seen people say something similar to "Although, if ESF included movie characters, we'd want people such as Cooler and Broli." I'm just saying I don't think he'd make a good character. He doesn't have many moves, Budokai 3 even had to give him Sauza's moves. And, if you...
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    Guard (Block) Improvement

    If you ever used guard, as soon as you move the guard is dropped. What I'm suggesting is like (ok, using a movie here >_<) Goku fighting Broli for the first time. Broli was shooting little ki blasts and Goku was running while holding his arms crossed in front of him. You see him... jog out of...
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    Character Form Sounds

    My suggestion is that ESF has different sounds for each form of a character. For example, Goku has a set of sound and SSJ Goku has another set of sounds. This would be useful to us people who customize stuff >_> Yes, I am fully aware that it would take up more space :/
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    Question For Those Interested

    I noticed there is a Lightwave and 3DS low poly tutorial but there isn't a Milkshape one. If someone had the time could they put one up? I'm not sure if this is off topic because the Final Request Thread says only models/sprites and the rules don't say anything about requesting tutorials. Yes...