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    Resident Evil series - Ada Wong

    Been a while all, is nothing but here is my last personal work on 2010, hope you like work in progress: final: preview
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    Tifa Lockhart - personal project - work in progress

    Hi all, Maybe some of you guys remember my old threat from 2005 here regarding same character creation, Tifa Lockhart? As you may noticed I usually do not post on forums anymore, but coz this character was done here by me 5 years later, why not, I decided to give it another try now that I...
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    5th Hokage - Tsunade

    Done a new naruto character, this time Tsunade This model is ment for Naruto: Mezame a new project I started it up... Construction style: photorealistic Textured (Skin) - no, what you see are only some plain materials, no diffuse yet Model ( no texture ) next will be map &...
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    The Leaf Village - Konoha

    Started to get a bit tired of modelling and decided to start a new level in my free time, something different so I chosed a Naruto level since I can't find nothing good over internet this days. I'm planning to create the whole thing starting with Konoha so I made one of the hardest part from...
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    Uchiha Sasuke - maybe + all forms later

    Strated this guy up, not a big fan of it but meh Naruto screamed for his friend planned to texture it too, stay tuned
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    Uzumaki Naruto

    Decided to model and later texture something diferent. Now I don't know to much about this show but here something I put together in a few hours. Maybe you guys can help with your crits. and some wireframes: The skin will come next which will be semi-real style
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    DragonBallZ Levels - new skills, back in action

    Hello all, Just to let everyone knows. The Heroes Of Our Destiny project is back in action. Here is a old level, right now I'm working at to improve it: This level is way far from done! Still need to model Master Roshi, work on the terain, make a weather change, make some...
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    More stuffs from me - Goku from Freeza saga and other stuff

    Well I decided not to show my work on this forum anymore coz every time I’m accused for ripping with no right by you know who Anyway back on topic. Goku from freeza saga (2nd try at Goku) : This rige is a wip one, I restarted it. And I remade completely Tifa’s hair and fixed her...
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    Kame House - final version

    Well the topic says all: I'm curently working at this thing from my old version. About 50% done. Still there are more to go
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    Prince of Persia & German Naval Base Level on a tropical island

    Upon the request of many peoples to post this here I decided to show you my recent work 3 months ago: Modeled and skinned this guy: And rigged this guy with my own biped And why not...
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    Prince Of Persia - unknown name

    The past couple of days I started to work at this model on another PC (long story). Here is how it turned: And two renders: And a none smooth pic: And a space pod I did a few days ago for my arrival map. I decided to go a little highere with the door knowing that I will...
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    Tifa Lockhart & Angelina Jolie aka Lara Croft

    The past few days I was working at this high polygon models, just for fun and for improving my work. Tifa Lockhart from final fantasy VIII I stepped to Photoshop witch I find it a better program then my current one, the skins looks much cleaner and has more tools. The skin is done only...
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    Goku and his son (Buu saga)

    I did Goku just for fun, from my old Gohan model. The head and hair are made from scratch. Here it is how it turned: Mystic Gohan and something special Goku polycount 1960 Gohan polycount 2136 Modeling is way to easy... I'm going back to mapping... bye
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    Adult Gohan (Super Buu saga)

    Second attempt at modeling, wip adult Gohan (Buu saga) The neck is not done or connected yet! P.S Folks you understood "clockwise" what I was trying to say in the last topic but meh, maybe my English is not one of the best. Anyway thanks crits to improve my...
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    Looks like I did this one too. First models ever

    Heya all, The past few days I was hitting the 3DSM books. After 5 days of practicing and watching tutorials I finally learned perfectly all about 3DSM including how to work with the reactor or underwater effects. Still need to learn how to UVW-map anyway. If anybody have a tutorial for it...
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    After looking over my old and ugly Arrivl Of Raditz map I decided to start to remake it from scratch coz: I didn’t included all the details from that place. I showed to many pictures from that level. It looks way to real for the DragonBallZ show. Comparing with the new maps I made, is way...
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    MAP - African Desert - Military Base (not DBZ related)

    UnrealED engine used! ------- I’m really lazy and dunno if this forum allows more then 10 pictures to be posted so you can go here and watch the 2nd and 3rd pages that contains a total of 34 pictures I will respect any crit...
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    a few animations made by myself - is always fun to find about new stuff

    CREDITS to D2 for the model just playing around in 3DSM again, crits will be nice what Goku makes when he is tired of waiting and he has nothing to do...
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    Goz and Mez - skins done

    Credits to DarkSniper for the Goz and Mez models ..... So good to have 3DSM again... me made a quick Goz and Mez skins, just for fun. critz to improve my work are all welcomed Goz skin [ real style ] Mez skin [ anime style ] NOTE: The sign is HFIL coz FUNimation...
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    My first UT2003/UT2004, none related DBZ map

    My first UT2003/UT2004 none related DBZ map Well folks after making so many Ut2k4 DBZ related maps I decided to start to make and one that have nothing to do with the DBZ show (?), as I was enjoy it to make it in the old times on the Unreal v1.0 engine What I’m planning to make is a few...