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    esf + amx

    i've install steam (games: half-life + esf) and now at that point where i must choose between "Steam Dedicated server", "Steam Listen Server", "Standalone Server" and "Select Mod Directory". If i choose one, for example "Steam Listen Server" (which doesn't matter) - there comes a...
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    Goku Giji Model

    Hi there, i'm looking for an Goku Model for Giji. The Hair should be black and like an SSJ. The best is, that he carry only his black t-shirt, like on the picture (clothes). On esf-world are NOT any Goku-Giji-Models to download. Can you help me plz? Greetz j4ke`
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    It's a simply idea with a great effect. Everyone who had see the dbz episodes know what i mean. Let's explain on an example. Goku vs. Vegeta (first fight). Goku cames from masta Kaio and then he must first fight vs. Nappa. He comes with 5.000 pl. Bevor he where fight, he do a pl-power-up that...
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    esf history

    hi, can someone tell me, when all versions of esf were coming out? i believe it was this all: - alpha 1.0 - alpha 1.5 - alpha 1.9 - alpha 2.0 - beta 1.0 - beta 1.1 - beta 1.2 ( 08.05.2004? ) - beta 1.2.1 - beta 1.2.2 - beta 1.2.3 *thx Pain! i hope i haven't one forget...
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    i've looked for 5 minutes a dbz episode (Piccolo vs. Freeza) and as they fly togehter, der comes a "ball" around them and dust on the ground. I won't lie, but i believe in esf that's too, without the dust.. or isn't it?! whatever ;) hope you understand me if you have a look on the picture i...