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    it says u r unavailable on AIM!!!!!! my name is log LOCAL SHOP try me (log LOCAL SHOP) i cant find u
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    Could someone tell me the tfb site please (unless its gone) or is the final version still out there SOMEONE MUST KNOW!!! U CANT POST THINGS LIKE THAT IN THE NEWBIES THREAD AND NOT EXPECT ANYONE TO ASK PLEEEAAASSSSEEEEEE
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    why dmz is better

    Do the thing that u cannot have a limited power level as u can see on dmz it just keeps going up i was playing esf earlier and i though whats the point when i get to my highest pl it all stop being fun.....fink bout it
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    Anyone Know?

    ok i got some bastard virus and i had to reformat and now i cant get to the dmz site!!! im not saying dmz is better than esf im saying once i have been heavily pissed of by the bb spammers on esf i go on dmz (esf is better) anyways does anyone else know any more links to dl dmz cuz fileplanet...
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    Bann Big Bang

    i have just been on 5 different servers and everyone had some nobs flying around as vegeta only using big bang now i know it is a actual move but does it have to be so powerfull!!!! im sick of joining servers only to get my really strong kame ha me ha pushed back by some asshole bb spamming,and...
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    Combat Hampster Pllllllleeaaasssseeeeee Help Me

    ok u r a mapper so u might know this ,,,,on worldcraft i am trying to make a esf level i get everything ok until i try to play it through esf (because worldcraft dont let you) but once i copy it and put it in the esf maps folder then go to make a game on a lan to play it ,it doesnt come up in...
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    how do i open my private messages i tjought there was a link but there isnt?
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    Im Nearly There !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    please please please please help me .i am trying to make a map and Darkness helped me wiv the loading bit .cheers :devil: but once i have made the level and have loaded it and it asks me who i want to be when i pick someone it goes back out to the console and loads the level again please help...
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    Dbz Fans Read

    Seeing as esf team arent listening to a thing we r saying and that they are stopping esf anyway also the fact that esf has tooooooooooooo many vegeta big bang wankers flying around and people who dont block check this mod out ,it looks great i am getting it
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    Someone Please Tell Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can somebody please tell me what i put in the options menu for worldcraft i got the esf fgd and all that but i dont know what everything else has to be PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
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    Help A Noob Mapper

    ok when i start worldcraft and it asks me for the config and build programs and stuff textures etc ,,,what do i put in the boxes could someone please show a pic of what they have or tell me what i need to do please thanks...
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    Best Suggestion Ever

    Ok ihave noticed that in the game people are being gay and flying out of the way when people shoot at them,thisgets very boring aafter a while and u wonder "Why am i playing when i cant hit sh.." so i think u should have that thing that they do when they put their hands out like a freiza did...
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    Cheers mate [email protected] btw where can i get swiss cheese maps?
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    Help Me Please

    ok i just got milkshape and i made a square!!!!!!!! my best model .but now i am completely stuck does have a tutorial they can e-mail me or a site that has good tutorials on it pleeeasseee i wanna make ssj3 goku
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    Please Help Me Quick

    i used to be able to play esforces normally but then whenever i started to play a game it would start loading and then i would get that annoying "ping" noise and it said it cannot load client dll or something please help me I WANT TO PLAY ESF!!!!!!!!!!!!O_O O_O O_O O_O :cry: :cry: :S :S :S