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    i have counterstrike cz which runs of the half life

    Eh, misinterpreted the question, my bad.
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    i have counterstrike cz which runs of the half life

    You need to install it seperately... Then you will have a new steam account to make as well. I'm sure you could do the same thing by moving some folders around... but yeah, cs:cz is bad....
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    diablos' art kinda style thread thing ~ wooo \o/

    It's one of those things you just don't ask #141 :)
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    diablos' art kinda style thread thing ~ wooo o/

    It's one of those things you just don't ask #141 :)
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    Break a leg?

    I wanna see that against a black backround!!!! I'm tellin you, it takes away from the pretty eyes when you have a white backround like that! btw, i think it looks better WITH the eyes :), gives it more character... Both look fine tho, really depends on what you prefer. BLACKBACKROUND!
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    Quick Survey

    -always +usually :)
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    #14 , if you were a little easier to understand.... maybe you wouldn't have to explain more than once :(
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    Corrupt a wish

    Granted, but as a result you die a lonely old man. I wish my neck wasn't so long and my skin not so pale.
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    Quick Survey

    #9 , surveys are always useless to the participants. However, there is a purpose for the creators.
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    Quick Survey

    #7 called my bluff :)
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    Lag Compensation

    Not true #19 , I can put in an x800, right now, without drivers installed and get better fps than i would with a radeon 7000. Btw, actually... my question has not been answered. I was lectured on how the network code works, but not anything about what i said. :( My point is... There...
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    Quick Survey

    Yeah, so anyways. Everyone who has tried to corrupt the surveys, isp.ip has been logged. Your responses have been removed from the survey, as well... repeat offenses will result in a report to your isp. <3 <3 <3
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    OMG calling all computer nerdzors,

    Celeron.... i'd throw it out to be honest :|
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    Take THAT Music Industry!

    Even if i download music, i make it a point to buy their CD if it's any good.
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    Guy wins 100GRAND!!! Goes NUTS!

    It's so mean, which makes it so funny. You can't take it too seriously. I mean it was a joke, you gotta have a sense of humor. The guy on the phone just sounded so excited that it seemed kinda mean >_<
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    Lag Compensation

    #15 , you forget. That if you have low ping, you can still use high ping tactics. But not the other way around, so you really proved nothing. And you and can give me examples of a million people good at high ping, but it doesn't change the fact that they have the potential to be much better...
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    Clear your stored private messages nukka, no more room. That is all. *Will delete upon recognition*
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    Quick Survey That's all! Thanks!
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    Guy wins 100GRAND!!! Goes NUTS! So did I #2 >=^D
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    Adv melee suggestion

    #25 has a good point, i must admit.