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    Power lvl reader?

    Hello i seen this in some screen shots of ESF and i would like to know how to bring it up ingame. its the thing that raditz, nappa and vageta used to find the power lvls of the DBZ fighters. the little white eye piece with a green visor to see power lvls??
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    New Charactor Select Menu?

    I read something about a new charactor select menu where it shows a 3d view of the current model you have selected. is this currently available or has it not been released yet? if this has been asked before please forgive me as i am a noob here.
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    MechMod Source Released

    Yep the machmod for HL1 is now open source! just thought i would let some of you know this. i would love to make a few models for this one. i dont know about posting links on here? i dont want to get in trouble here so please google mechmod.
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    Single Player

    Hi, i would like to know if the Dev, team has any plans to put a single player mode in ESF? it would be soooo cool to have an SP mode. BTW i really like ESF.
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    ESF Move List

    Hi. i want to know if anybody here can tell me how to pull off combos or any kind of melee moves.
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    Questions About ESF

    Hi, i am now downloading this mod and i was wondering how many charactors does it have? and do i have to play it online?