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    ESF Beta 1.1 is out now!

    esf beta 1.1 is out now can u believe it. Its at file planet. So go download it if u want it. GO GO GO
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    can some one help me plz

    Can some one plz help me find out where i can download milkshape 3d 1.6.6 because i cant find it any where and ive been looking for it for quite awhile. Or aint it up for download any where because i know u can buy it but i dont know where i can buy it and i havent a clue how much it is...
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    Hey ned

    hey ned im sorry for what i said ok and i didnt mean to have a go at u or any thing it was just vox he annoyed me because he started pocking his nose in when it had nothin to do with him. Im sorry for taking it out on u ok. I didnt know that your model wasnt the proper one and i didnt know u...
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    Brollman's vegetto model

    Could some one do me a fav and fix the problems on the arms and the privite part on brollman's vegetto model. Its a good model but it just needs some slite fixes on the arms and on the privites.:laff:
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    can some one help me plz?

    can some one plz send me the two spirit bomb sprites because i forgot to back them up. :cry: so if some one can send them to me ill be very greatfull.
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    REQUEST: Two models

    I think that some one should make a denday or tapion model for ESF because they would look pretty cool in the game. You could have denday to replace piccolo and tapion to replace krillin. So can any models plz make these models.:p :p
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    Need help with a vegeta bitmap skin!

    I need some help with a vegeta in armor bitmap skin because ive changed the blue on the armor to black and i can't get it to work on the vegeta model. So can some one plz help me fix this because i think it will look cool in the game.:laff::laff: