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    Death Ball

    I would guess this issue is part model animation (to get the character model in the right position) and part coding (for where the attack sprite appears),
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    Opening Video?

    it shouldn't up the size that much if you don't make it ridiculously long and use adequate compression
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    Body Switch

    ..... What counts as a failed change... interrupting or stopping? or is it randomly a failure?
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    Crashing during play

    It makes the server last a little bit longer, but I still get crashes. (it also makes the bots act extremely dopey, they start circling around and won't even use beams very often) the AI code needs to be able to switch modes from using melee if melee is deactivated they should start attacking...
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    Body Switch

    This attack is probably going to become a nuisance. IS there a way to get your body back without tracking down the person in your body? If you've been working on a game raising up your PL for a while, and some bozo catches you off guard and takes your body, thats a pain in the ass.
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    Crashing during play

    The more I play the beta the more I think the bots are triggering this bug for me, when I don't activate bots I rarely have crashing bugs (but I have nobody to play with to test anything either). List of Actions I've taken immediately previous to a crash: powering up using turbo's hold function...
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    Crashing during play

    No, I have several layers of protection and none of them detected anything. Who are you referring to with the pronoun "him"?
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    Crashing during play

    I wasn't using superbots (I tried to actually, but the only way I could get ANY bots to join the server was to use the bot menu to add default bots (the menu that doesn't have a default key) The more advanced bot functions won't work at all. I didn't paste on top of the ESF folder I put the...
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    Crashing during play

    I just downloaded the new released version and I'm still getting unexplained crashes, i have a feeling they're related to the bots somehow, but I can't pinpoint the problem. The game with bots crashes very quickly (usually within about 3 or 4 minutes, sometimes almost immediately). I've also had...
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    Shield Attack

    I would like this cleared up or investigated. Some servers and players claim that Gohan's shield attack crashes servers, if this is true, then I hope it gets fixed, if not then make an official announcement because I'm tired of not being allowed to use it, being threatened with bans and kicks...
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    Capture the Dragon Balls mode is experimental. Play at your own risk.

    The room of spirit and time was that room with the pendulum and all the weird spirit lines and stuff. The rosat esf map is actually the hyperbolic training room. HTR
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    New Move for Trunks

    If any of you have played the Japanese playstation game called dbz legends you might know what I am talking about. Trunks has two attacks that are missing from this mod. One is a beam he makes from a sphere that would look like a ki blob around his body and the beam goes straight up toward...
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    HP higher than maximum???

    IT was listed as under investigation not as a known bug.
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    Yet another possible bug

    I think it results from the hp changes that the super saiyan level makes. Since transforming is not considered a damage effect the reduction of hp to zero does not kill the person. I think that is where the problem lies.
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    HP higher than maximum???

    I was playing with the bots and eventually reached a pl of 400,000,000. At some point the bots tried to melee me, but I began gaining health instead of losing it. I can send a screen shot of it if you want to see it. The highest i remember it being was when I was out of ssj, it was at 167. The...
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    I noticed the signature pic above about vegeta, Theres one thing drastically wrong with it. Its SSJ4 Vegeta's face, but it has the Dragonball Z logo when It should have the GT logo
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    Yet another possible bug

    -- On several occasions, I've been damaged to 0 health (or close to it because I saw no numberical display for it) and have still been alive. I have the feeling that I was at zero health because when I touched a wall, my view went to a sideways, first person view. I haven't been able to...
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    A few problems/bugs/suggestions

    I think the buu candy attack is much too strong. Some lamers fly around with it activated through the whole match. Either make it cost a lot more energy to use or eliminate its ability to damage others, so they must beat you with other attacks to a low life and THEN use candy attack. Its not...
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    Gogeta ssj4 PLEASE

    I think it would take a lot of work, but it would look awesome for them to put the full ssj4 transformation in the finished version of ESF (getting huge with oozaru and everything).
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    client.dll ERROR PLZ HELP ME !!!!!!!!!

    I have not updated to beta yet, but I was getting teh dll error even though I had been playing the game for two weeks. I am not missing the file, I did update half life, and it still says the file is not being found.