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    Greatest Picture Ever!

    hahahahah check this ish out...funniest picture ever total of like 20 frames and about half an hours work
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    Funny animation

    hahahaha well i got bored off my ass so i made myself a sig fer my other name (TWEAK):
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    hey kiddies! i got a background!

    hahaha well its just a joke background i made at 2am after a 12pack of mountain dew...boredom, a chemistry book, and a whole ****load of caffeine went into this one
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    HAHA heya boyoz im new! heres sum work! w0ot!

    heya boyoz im new to the forums, and i thot id introduce myself with soma my work cuz thats really the best way to get to know a fella...well heres we go (yippie road trip! w0ot!): im just gonna post some of the drawings i did and then CG'ed fer now...gimme some c/c on em so i can get better...