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  1. Naturphoenix

    Forum trolls

    Is it just me or is this forum flooded with a bunch of trolls who either always bash someone else for no apparent reason? Other than the fact they are bored or they have daddy issues? Who knows. I see it a lot, prime example person a draws something and person b decides to bash person a. It's...
  2. Naturphoenix

    k & k productions dbz movie Looks like the fans should have always made the dbz movie.
  3. Naturphoenix

    dbz prank i lold
  4. Naturphoenix

    car audio

    Hey guys, haven't posted for awhile. My computer went down because my psu was making a humming noise ~.~ finally replaced it. Also ive been tinkering with my car's stereo system lol
  5. Naturphoenix

    Natur's pics

    As requested 1 thread. I was asked to make a character in dbz context. This is what I came up with in 20 minutes and it reminds me of goku. Completely free drawn not a look at a dbz character. For ****'s and giggles I added a God Of War 3 Kratos I drew up.
  6. Naturphoenix

    DBO language

    Can someone please give me some instructions as to how I can remove the squares? I did it before I re-formatted and cannot figure it out again! ive tried applocale but im unsure of what I need to do with this program.
  7. Naturphoenix

    Cool chrome vegeta theme

    Cool Google-Chrome Vegeta theme!
  8. Naturphoenix

    Majin Vegeta

    As requested I did a quick Vegeta in about 30 mins. His one eye needs a touch up, other than that if someone could find this pic with his hair in full id be happy.
  9. Naturphoenix

    Gohan ssj2

    modified his nose/eyes a bit
  10. Naturphoenix

    Some dbz pics I sketched

    Lol I haven't drawn in about 8 years, however when I was younger dbz was my favorite anime to draw. I drew both goku's back to back about 2 weeks ago and gohan I am working on currently. His eyes are by far the hardest to draw, they are always tiny and odd shaped versus goku's. Wonder if his are...
  11. Naturphoenix

    Eternal release date

    Just curious if the team has an actual iternal release date set? Now I know people post all the time like when's final coming out??! This is not about that. What people don't understand is mods are pretty much made out of the goodness of people's hearts. They work hard on something on the side...
  12. Naturphoenix

    Some ESF questions

    Greetings fellow esf users/fans. I must say I have taken a long break from gaming. I remember 7 years ago when I was in middle school, going to the cyber cafe and playing esf. I see the esf final content and it looks amazing, I must ask is all this footage really the hl1 engine? If so that is...