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    Kama's Kompetition #4 !!

    Or model a Dende to carry him xD
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    City themed map.

    I spend some sleepless night trying to decrease wpoly count. This map was most depressing in my life... I'm glad that it is possible ti fix it. My MSN - [email protected]
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    City themed map.

    Hello! I used to map a long time ago and made some low quality maps. After a while I decided to quit, and now I'm trying to start it again. Here my first map after map-break. Unfortunately, I didnt succeed in making it. It lags, and I dont know how to fix it. There is a lot of things I need to...
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    Maps bg

    Hi, I want to show some of my work: Gin_ndeath Pic and esf_gghouse Pic Plz rate it and tell me what I'm maybe doing wrong